1-2-1 Online Postural Alignment Therapy

- £200 for New Client Onboarding (3 Sessions) -
-£75 for each 1hr follow up appointment -

Who Is Postural Alignment Therapy For?

Read more about the importance of good posture here and also in one of Pete Egoscue’s amazing books (My website cannot even begin to compete with the Egoscue books). Please read one before contacting me. 

I offer 1-2-1 Postural Alignment Therapy via video call – it’s amazing to me that I can help people all over the world with my job (I have clients from Illinois, Sydney, Barcelona, Delhi and everywhere in-between!)

1-2-1 Therapy is a like seeing a personal trainer for your postural muscles and an empowerment coach for your mindset.

Together, we will teach each joint in your body to start working more functionally (through corrective exercises suited to your posture and limitations), starting with the areas causing the biggest issues and, as time goes on and you move better, giving each joint a bit of a re-educational MOT!

I will also help guide and motivate you to change your mindset and learn the importance of investing time and commitment into looking after yourself and your body for the rest of your life. This is not just about getting you out of pain it’s about a) understanding why the pain is there in the first place b) getting you out of pain c) keeping you out of pain by sticking to a daily movement regime (even once you are pain free). You don’t just brush your teeth when you have tooth decay, you brush your teeth so you don’t get tooth decay. A movement regime is the same. 

It’s a process of change, support, interaction and challenging your beliefs over what your body can do and how it can change (if given the correct stimulus). It’s simple, but it’s not easy. This is not a quick fix. This is about long term progress and true long term progress does not happen quickly.

  • I work with all ages. My youngest client (to date) is seven and my oldest is in their eighties. Age doesn’t stop anyone from hugely reducing, or entirely eliminating, their pain. 

  • I work with people with all sorts of conditions. Postural Alignment Therapy is not a symptom-led therapy (I am not medically trained. I am like a personal trainer), so I don’t ask what your MRI shows or the name of the ‘thing’ your Orthopaedic Surgeon tells you you have. I ask you what your body can currently do comfortably, and I teach you how to move a bit more comfortably each time you see me. Your levels of pain are the only guidance I need, I don’t need to see your scan or hear what ‘itis’/’osis’/’opathy’ you’ve been diagnosed with to work with you. It doesn’t change how I operate.

  • I work with people regardless of WHY they have their postural problems. Whether or not you born with a postural defect, suffered an acute trauma/accident or if you know your posture has simply developed due to habits, the way in which I treat the postural deviations are the same.

  • I work with people of all levels of sporting ability, from lifelong coach potatoes to ultra-marathon runners (and every sport in-between). Your sports do not immunise you from postural problems and pain, but neither do they always cause them. Most sportspeople still lead sedentary Western lifestyles which impact the biomechanics of their bodies. When you increase the load through a wonky body, you lead yourself towards pain and injury. Get each joint in your body more functional, and you’ll see how much more enjoyable your favourite sports and hobbies become.

Moving more is generally always the answer to reducing chronic, musculoskeletal pain … but I teach you how to move differently in a way where you aren’t compounding the compensatory movement patterns causing your issues in the first place.

My online 1-2-1 clients will gain access to the Posture Ellie Members Area. This will also help bolster your knowledge of what you need to do in your own time! There is a lot of content contained within the Members Area to help empower you to become the expert of your own body.

My online 1-2-1 clients will also gain ongoing coaching and support from me throughout the entire process. I am here to answer questions, keep you motivated through any difficult patches and amend your menu of exercises if it isn’t working. We really do form a team together and this isn’t just about having an appointment once a month: we are in contact via email as much as you need. There’s so much we can do in-between appointments to keep you progressing.

Firstly, read ‘Pain Free’ by Pete Egoscue and then please submit the Contact Form to book an appointment. 

N.B – Please do not send me a contact submission until you have first read one of Pete Egoscue’s books.  I only work with clients who have already invested time in reading a Pete Egoscue book. This is so that every person who has an appointment with me understands what Postural Alignment Therapy is all about and has their expectations managed BEFORE spending money on 1-2-1 Therapy with me. 1-2-1 Therapy WILL NOT work for you if you do not take responsibility for yourself, change some habits and commit to a movement regime – the books help outline this, as well as help potential clients get to grips with the theory of how/why it works. If you can’t find the motivation to read a short book which might just change your life … I have to be honest, this won’t work for you so please save your pennies.

The 1-2-1 Client Intake process

  • Every new 1-2-1 Client will book in for 3 appointments (after first having read a Pete Egoscue book). This is £200.

  • The first appointment is a 30 minute ‘Discovery’ call (via Zoom) where we discuss your symptoms, your posture photos, manage expectations, set some goals and I will set you 3 gentle exercises to try in the interim period before the next appointment (approx a week later).
  • The next appointment is a 1hr ‘Movement’ call (via Zoom) where we get stuck straight into some exercises that are allocated and sequenced with your body (and its limitations) in mind. These are the exercises that become your bespoke ‘Menu’ of exercises to complete in your own time and will start setting the building blocks for a more aligned, balanced body.
  • The final appointment (about a week later) is a 1hr ‘Evaluation’ call (via Zoom). In this call we will check in with how you’re doing, see if any of the exercises need tweaking and make sure you are performing the exercises correctly.
  • After this initial onboarding process, you can then book follow up 1hr appointments ad hoc (£75) whenever you feel like your progress is plateauing (which will happen as your body gets stronger and more used to your Menu). When it gets too easy, you need a change up! Most new clients will have one appointment a month for a while and then the time in-between appointments generally becomes longer and longer as the client becomes more confident and more pain free.

What To Expect From the Client Intake Process

In the ‘Discovery’ call, we will discuss your symptoms and limitations so we have an idea of where you’re starting from. This helps us measure progress as time goes on but we don’t dwell too long on these though because the areas that hurt (symptoms) don’t really give us any helpful information. We take stock of symptoms but don’t spend long discussing them. We’ll then review and discuss what jumps out to me in your posture from your photos. Then we will set some goals and I will help manage your expectations. Changes will start to happen straightaway, but this does not always translate into an immediate reduction in pain (however, often it does!). You cannot change long term movement problems in one week – this takes time, patience and commitment. I will follow up the Discovery Call with an email outlining what we discussed and I will assign you three simple, gentle exercises to do until the Movement Call. These will either help you feel better OR make you feel worse (either way is helpful information for me). Learning what your body does/doesn’t like is the most helpful information I can learn about you.

A week or so later, in the ‘Movement’ Call, we will get you ‘moving’ straight away. This is not about sweating, jumping jacks and pushing yourself, my exercises might look easy and like you are having a relaxing time on the floor, but are often extremely challenging (in a good way) when we find the right ones for you. After the Movement Call I will follow up with a ‘Menu’ of exercises for you to complete in your own time (sent from The Egoscue Method software) and another email from me outlining the ‘Why?’ behind the allocation of each of your exercises. When you start to understand the ‘Why?’ you will start the process of becoming your own healer.

Then, a week or so after the Movement Call, you will have your ‘Evaluation’ Call. We will discuss changes in your symptoms and how your body moves, things you may have started to pick up that give you more information about the imbalances in your body, how you are feeling in general (are motivation levels high or are you feeling frustrated?), dig into why some of the exercises might not be working for you (and tweak them accordingly) and make sure you are performing the exercises correctly (aka not compensating. If you hurt whilst doing something. or if something feels suspiciously easy, you’re probably compensating).

Over The Course Of Postural Alignment Therapy

After your initial 3 1-2-1 sessions, you will hopefully have a menu of exercises at your disposal which relieve your symptoms of pain whilst you’re doing them (and for a temporary amount of time after you’ve done your menu). This is stage one. After this, you will need appointments to keep challenging your body and keep it progressing. Normally this is one appointment every month for a while, then the time in-between appointments generally becomes more spread out as you become more confident. 

Your progress will quickly plateau and your body will change hugely (if you do your menu regularly enough) and we will need to up/change the demand on your body so that you continue to build more and more strength into your new found alignment. It is just like going to the gym. We need to keep challenging you so you get stronger. As you strengthen into better alignment, this is where you will find you have longer and longer periods of pain-free time.

Over the course of a number of appointments, we will be pushing the limits of what your body can comfortably and functionally do (wildly different for everyone!) to make sure you are constantly expanding and testing your body’s ability to move.

Your posture will change and your symptoms will change. Your menus will require regular updates to make sure we are always on top of where your body is at. If done correctly, your body will quickly adapt. You may completely eliminate pain in one area and then find you get pains in a new area! This will all eventually fade once the body is brought back into balance.

The power of Postural Alignment Therapy is that it puts the control back into the hands of my clients. I don’t do anything to my clients at any stage of the journey. I simply interpret what their body is trying to tell them and teach them the movements their body wants from them. They learn to listen to what their body wants/doesn’t want and how to move better to build strength into this. I am a guide, a facilitator and a coach who is there for support. I don’t, can’t and won’t ‘fix’ you. Only you can fix yourself (with help and guidance along the way of course!)

After a course of sessions, my clients don’t need anyone else to ‘do’ anything to them, they’ll have all the answers they need (and will always have access to their previous menus) … if they are prepared to put in the work in order to change and maintain their body’s biomechanics long term.

N.B I cannot reiterate enough that this is a not a quick fix. It requires hard work from my clients and it requires them to communicate with me throughout the process so we can change things that I have given you that maybe aren’t working. I am not interested in working with people who aren’t prepared to do a minimum of 20 minutes of corrective exercises at least 4 times a week, or who expect an overnight success. 

You will not become fully functional (muscularly) after just one appointment. One appointment will be helpful to get an idea of what’s going on, but don’t expect one appointment to change your life!

I don’t know how many appointments you will need or how long it will take. How dysfunctional are you? How long have you had pain for that has been ignored/hasn’t changed? How much work are you willing to put in? How much are you willing to change your habits that are contributing to your pain? All of these things will have a huge impact on how long it will take. Simply put, I don’t know how long it will take you to become pain free.

Postural Alignment Therapy will not work for you if you do not put in the hard work in to alter movement patterns of a lifetime or if you expect movement patterns of a lifetime to change overnight BUT changes can occur remarkably quickly.

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