1-2-1 Postural Alignment Therapy


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I offer 1-2-1 Postural Alignment Therapy in-person at my clinic (Worcester, UK) or via video call. I love working face to face with people, but it's amazing that I can help people from other countries too (my longest distance client is currently located in Melbourne, Australia)!

1-2-1 Therapy is a bit like seeing a personal trainer for your posture and a coach for your mindset. We will teach each joint in your body to start working more functionally (through corrective exercises suited to your posture and limitations), starting with the areas causing the biggest issues and, as time goes on and you move better, giving each joint a bit of a re-educational MOT!


It's a process of change, support, interaction and challenging your beliefs over what your body can do and how it can change (if given the correct stimulus). It's simple, but it's not easy.

  • I work with all ages. My youngest client (to date) is seven and my oldest is in their nineties. Age doesn't stop anyone from hugely reducing, or entirely eliminating, their pain. 

  • I work with people with all sorts of conditions. Postural Alignment Therapy is not a symptom-led therapy, so I don't ask what your MRI shows or the name of the 'thing' your Orthopaedic Surgeon tells you you have. I ask you what your body can currently do comfortably, and I teach you how to move a bit more comfortably each time you see me. Your levels of pain are the only guidance I need, I don't need to see your scan or hear what 'itis'/'osis'/'opathy' you've been diagnosed with to work with you. It doesn't change how I operate.

  • I work with people regardless of WHY they have their postural problems. Whether or not you born with a postural defect, suffered an acute trauma/accident or if you know your posture has simply developed due to habits, the way in which I treat the postural deviations are the same.

  • I work with people of all levels of sporting ability, from lifelong coach potatoes to ultra-marathon runners (and every sport in-between). Your sports do not immunise you from postural problems and pain, but neither do they always cause them. Most sportspeople still lead sedentary Western lifestyles which impact the biomechanics of their bodies. When you increase the load through a wonky body, you lead yourself towards pain and injury. Get each joint in your body more functional, and you'll see how much more enjoyable your favourite sports and hobbies become.

Moving more/differently is always the answer to reducing chronic, musculoskeletal pain ... but I teach you how to move in a way where you aren't compounding the compensatory movement patterns causing your issues in the first place.

My 1-2-1 clients will gain access to the Posture Ellie Members Area. This will also help bolster your knowledge of what you need to do in your own time!

My 1-2-1 clients will also gain ongoing support from me throughout the entire process. I am here to answer questions, keep you motivated through any difficult patches and amend your menu of exercises if it isn't working. We really do form a team together and this isn't just about turning up for an appointment once a month: we are in contact via email as much as you need. There's so much we can do in-between appointments to keep you progressing.

Please send me an email to ellie@posture-ellie.com to book an appointment or a 15 minute phone call to discuss how 1-2-1 Postural Alignment Therapy will benefit you.

N.B I also recommend to ALL my potential clients to buy (and read!) a copy of the 'Pain Free' by Pete Egoscue book.

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During your appointment

To start, we will discuss your symptoms and limitations so we have an idea of where you're starting from. This helps us measure progress as time goes on.


Secondly, we'll review and discuss what I see in your posture (I'm looking at the bits which do not rest naturally in neutral) and then I will guide you through movements which will begin the process of pressing 'factory re-set' on your body.

Always working at a pace your body can manage, we will be waking up muscles (that currently don't work very well) through corrective exercises. As these muscles wake up, your joints will move into a better position and your pain will reduce.


I will be guiding you through movement, but I won't be 'doing anything' to you.

N.B I have a produced a FREE online Postural Function Test. Whilst, there's no obligation to do so, it would be really handy to complete this before a first appointment. You'll come equipped with some useful knowledge about what we might need to work on first.

Over the course of a package of Postural Alignment Therapy

After your first 1-2-1 session, you will hopefully have a menu of exercises at your disposal which relieve your symptoms of pain whilst you're doing them (and for a temporary amount of time after you've done your menu). This is stage one. 

Your progress will quickly plateau (if you do your menu regularly enough) and we will need to up the demand on your body so that you continue to build more and more strength into your new found alignment. This is where you will find you have longer and longer periods of pain-free time.

Over the course of a package of appointments, we will be pushing the limits of what your body can comfortably and functionally do (wildly different for everyone!) to make sure you are constantly expanding your body's ability to move.

Your posture will change and your symptoms will change. Your menus will require regular updates to make sure we are always on top of where your body is at. If done correctly, your body will quickly adapt.


The power of The Egoscue Method is that it puts the control back into the hands of my clients. They learn to listen to what their body wants/doesn't wants and really tune back into what their body is telling them.


After a course of sessions, my clients don't need anyone else to 'do' anything to them, they'll have all the answers they need (and will always have access to their previous menus) ... if they are prepared to put in the work in order to change and maintain their body's biomechanics long term.

N.B I cannot reiterate enough that this is a not a quick fix. It requires hard work from my clients and it requires them to communicate with me throughout the process so we can change things that I have given you that maybe aren't working. I am not interested in working with people who aren't prepared to do a minimum of 15 minutes of corrective exercises a number of times a week, or who expect an overnight success. You will not become pain free after just one appointment. One appointment will be helpful to get an idea of what's going on, but don't expect one appointment to change your life!


Postural Alignment Therapy will not work for you if you do not put in the hard work in to alter movement patterns of a lifetime. 


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