About Me

I'm not a Doctor, Physio, Chiro or Osteo ... I 'just' help people to move better .. like a PT for your posture!

After many years of working at a computer, feeling a disconnect from the world around me (I am totally aware that I am a cliché) I discovered yoga. Yoga really brought me back in tune with my body and what it was trying to tell me. I found that I had a new awareness of myself, like noticing how my feet felt on the ground and the importance of breathing correctly to best support my body's functions (FACT - basically all of us are doing it wrong!). Very importantly, it also awarded me a new found, much needed head space, more energy and a new perspective as to what I wanted to do in my life - which was a) to get away from a computer and start being 'more human' again and b) to help people empower themselves through gently moving their way to pain relief and a realigned body.

My yoga practice led me to become fascinated with the study and power of the human body (which was totally different to my day job in a law firm!) and looking at what goes wrong to cause people 'inexplicable' chronic pain.  I firstly signed up to (and achieved) a Sports Massage Therapy qualification, as I thought this would really help with improving my understanding of the connection between the muscles and systems within the body as well as get me, literally, hands on helping people.

However, when I studying for Sports Massage, I felt like something was missing.

This was where I saw and found my niche. Yoga is fab, but it's not a purpose built pain rehabilitation method. Massage is great, but it only treats short term symptoms of pain and does not get to the root causes of musculoskeletal dysfunction. When I started reading around on The Egoscue Method and Postural Alignment Therapy, I felt like I had had my eureka moment. Everything made sense and I know that it was my calling to get the message out there, start helping people and also run my own business.  

Away from my life of posture and movement; I love travelling (next on my bucket list is Colombia, Tel Aviv and horse riding in Montana), trying random stuff all the time, horses, my cats, singing the blues, reading, climbing (my new hobby!) and spending time with my friends and family. 

In December 2018, I spent 2 weeks at the Egoscue Method HQ in San Diego, and plan on returning to California every year to keep my knowledge in tip top condition/have a great time in one of my favourite places.

I am currently training for my Level 2 Egoscue Method qualification 'Exercise Therapy Skills'. Once I achieve this, I will be one of 5 people in the UK qualified at this level.

I never want to stop learning and there are plenty more qualifications I plan on getting with organisations like MovNat, The Foot Collective and Katy Bowman ... but I need to start saving some pennies first!


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I am qualified in:

  • PAS1 and 2 Postural Alignment Therapy with the Egoscue University.

  • Level 2 ETS (Exercise Therapy Skills) with the Egoscue University (currently training - not yet qualified).

  • Sports Massage Therapy ITEC Level 3 (Merit) from The Cotswold Academy.

  • Anatomy and Physiology ITEC Level 3 (Merit)

  • Outdoor First Aid

I am insured by:

  • The Federation of Holistic Therapists


Eleanor Burt - Postural Alignment Therapy

Upstairs at Bevere Cafe & Gallery, WR3 7RQ.