Ancient Body, Modern World

A top to toe investigation into where it's all going wrong

SATURDAY 4th and SUnDAY 5th JAn 2020

As a Postural Alignment Therapist and natural movement enthusiast, 'Posture Ellie' observes (and tries to reverse) the catastrophic effects the modern environment is having on her clients' bodies on a daily basis.


These are bodies which, not so long ago, were kept supple and healthy through the movement our lives demanded of us. Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, there has been very little reason to move and our primal bodies have suffered the dire consequences. However, with the right stimulation (and a little more understanding of what our bodies have been designed to do) everybody can make vast improvements to the functional and pain free movement of their body.


This five part course aims to educate and reconnect attendees back with what their body wants and needs.


Through a mix of theory, interaction and movement, students will finish with a solid grasp of what every single joint in their musculoskeletal system requires to stay healthy - to improve their range of movement, to move more functionally, to reduce pain and to invest as best they can into their long term health. Anyone with an interest in the health and function of the human body will find a benefit in attending this course.


Prospective students cannot choose to attend certain sessions; the idea is that the course will provide a top to toe education on the body. Attendees will soon learn that every joint in their body plays a vitally important role and everything should work in harmony as a unit.

Outline of the course -

- Session 1: Sat 4th Jan - Introduction to the Human Body

- Session 2: Sat 4th Jan  - Feet / Ankles

- Session 3: Sat 4th Jan - Pelvis / Spine

- Session 4: Sun 5th Jan - Shoulders / Arms / Neck

- Session 5: Sun 5th Jan - Conclusion (inc. Knees and the 'Core')

Details -

In partnership with Soul Sanctuary Studios at their Spetchley Park Gardens venue (WR5 1RS).

£100ppYou can pay a £35 non-refundable deposit to secure your place (or pay the full amount upfront). Final balance will be due 30/12/19.


Ready for a prompt start on Saturday at 11.30am for a 5pm finish and Sunday at 12.30pm for a 4pm finish.


There will be breaks in-between each session and also time for lunch. Please bring lunch (or eat before on the Sunday!).


Maximum 12 attendees and open to Soul Sanctuary members and non-members alike.


The £100 is to be pre-paid before the course starts. Until a deposit/full payment is received, your place is not reserved. Partial refunds cannot be offered if you can't attend one or more of the sessions.


Attendees will need to bring some water, lunch, a pen and notebook, a smart phone and will need to wear comfortable exercise clothes whilst being barefoot.

ABMW is not an alternative to 1-2-1 Therapy. We will not be focusing on any individual's aches and pains during the course and do not expect to have any personal musculoskeletal issues resolved. This is a general course based on improving general knowledge.


Please note that whilst none of the physical aspects of the course will be too taxing, a certain level of comfort and mobility will be required. If sitting on the floor or getting up and down off the floor a few times in a session would be a problem, please consider seeing Ellie for a 121 appointment instead.


Anyone who attends the course will receive 20% off a 121 Postural Alignment Therapy session or package of appointments.


Liaise with Ellie to arrange payment or to ask any questions at

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