Base Positions

These videos are laid out in a vague (theoretical) ascending order of difficulty but everyone is different and this order may not apply to you! You might find some of the 'easy' ones hard, and the 'hard' ones easy ... this is all totally dependant on your posture and dysfunctions. Just play around with these as much as possible and find what works for you.


The Base Positions are the positions you will be assigned to do your E-cises from eg. I could assign you to do 'Elbow Curls' from a Static Back, Hooklying, Frog, Wall Frog, Sitting In Extension, Flexion Abdominals, Kneeling, Static Wall, Standing OR Sitting Floor position. 


The E-Cise stays the same, but the Base Position changes, which alters how challenging your body finds the exercise because it changes what your other joints are doing during the E-cise eg. Elbow Curls in Static Back are much easier to do than Elbow Curls in Sitting Floor.


The most important thing with the Base Positions is that you are able to do them FUNCTIONALLY and that you aren't attempting something you can't do properly.


There is no point you attempting to do any Base Position which a) hurts you (as in, bad 'ouch' pain or even creates a little grumbling of extra tension) or b) you have to compensate somewhere in order to complete (eg. you can't do it with your feet neutral).


The whole purpose of The Egoscue Method is that we are preventing your body from adopting its normal, compensatory movement patterns which have got you here in the first place. We want function, not compensation.


Put your ego to one side and stick with the positions you can do properly. As time goes on, we will be wanting to challenge you more and more. At the beginning, you might find the idea of Static Wall impossible but, by the end of 2 months of commitment to The Egoscue Method, you can do Static Wall fine (but with a big stretch up the back of your legs!)


You might find some of these Base Positions painful and you might find some super comfortable. This bank of Base Positions is here for you to play around with and find which ones you like/dislike the most and try to figure out why. You can come back to me at your next menu refresh and tell me which positions you find the most enjoyable and why - this helps tell me what your body is searching for and I can amend your menu to work with the new discoveries you are making in your own time.


Remember - this is not a definitive easiest to hardest list but simply the order of difficulty I have assigned just from my working knowledge of seeing people regular try (and fail) to do this positions! Some of these may seem easy ... but are you doing them functionally?

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