Better Breathing, Lung & Diaphragm Function With Improved Posture

The position of your shoulders and thoracic spine has a big impact on how well your lungs and diaphragm can deal with their all-important job of breathing.


By improving your upper body position, you should feel a big improvement on how ‘free’ you feel in your chest area.


If your upper body is constantly drooped forward and out of position (like it likely is when you’re hunched forward sat down), you will not be allowing your lungs and diaphragm function at their optimal level.


I’ve created a short sequence of 5 exercises to do to improve your breathing, lung and diaphragm function.


These exercises are not just focusing on your upper body however, as your pelvis needs to be aligned and strong in order to support your upper body correctly.


Try these 5 exercises today and let me know how you feel afterwards! Please don’t forget the Diaphragmatic Breathing (as discussed in Exercise 1) – this is really important!

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