Why improving your posture improves your sporting performance

Improving your posture is not only about reducing pain; a huge benefit of better posture is an improved range of motion within the joints and improved functional strength.

Having an improved range of motion and functional strength will help to create gains in your favourite sport/hobby and will play an important part in injury prevention.

Lots of sports people have compensating movement patterns caused by dysfunctional muscles. Superficial muscles can become very accustomed to doing the work of sleeping postural muscles, but without the postural muscles working correctly, the joints are not being kept in the correct place as they are put under the increased demand and load created by the sport.

eg. People who do lots of upper body work can become very trapezius dominant (see Conor McGregor above). When the trapezius is strong but the rhomboids aren't engaged (the rhomboids hold the scapula in position), people can get very hiked up and forward in their shoulders. This means their shoulders are not in their correct alignment and makes them susceptible to injury and pain when put under increased demand and load. 

Unless these people are guided in how to target only the disengaged muscles (without allowing the compensating muscles to take over the command) they will be building 'strength' into compensatory movement patterns. Building 'strength' (it's actually weakness!) into compensatory movement patterns is when our joints becomes pulled out of alignment and injury is more likely to occur.

Postural Alignment Therapy helps sports people get their posture back to neutral, to their 'factory reset', and this blank canvas means they can make changes in how well their body can move. They would never be able to do this simply by doing their normal gym routines (if their joints are out of alignment).

This restoration of the body back to neutral impacts the results of my clients' favourite sports and hobbies. When the body is allowed to move as it should and the correct muscles are doing the right thing, results improve.

Postural Alignment Therapy is not always about treating pain, it's about prevention. If you can improve your posture before you're in pain, you will save yourself lots of trouble!

I have so far worked with runners, cyclists, rowers, golfers, yogis, CrossFitters, horse riders, martial artists, climbers and footballers ... I would love to extend this list of sports people I help.

If you're a member or coach at a sports group or club and would be interested in your teammates learning about the importance of their posture in relation to their sport, I am also available to hire for talks and workshops. Please click here to read more.


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