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We believe that the human body is perfect by design, is amazingly resilient and is capable of an incredible variety of movement, strength and flexibility.

That is, when it lives the life it is designed for  (moving in a wide variety of ways all day, everyday) and is therefore able to maintain the perfect posture and musculoskeletal alignment of a homosapien.

We believe that our modern society and habits are having catastrophic effects on the health and wellbeing of humankind.

We believe that, in the Western world, we are so far removed from what it is 'to be human' that our human bodies can't cope with the (lack of) demand. When the dysfunctional body is pushed even marginally past its (very limited) limits, it results in pain.

We believe that, because our bodies are designed to move all day, everyday of our lives (regardless of age), they  suffer under the increasing sedentaryism we have had over the last 100 years. Pain is now normalised and expected.

We believe that you can be fit and love exercising, and still suffer chronic pain. This is because people who exercise still spend time driving, commuting, working at a desk and watching TV - ergo not 'being human'.

People who love exercising, very often do the same, unvaried movements over and over again, which creates and then strengthens musculoskeletal dysfunctions and compensations. 

We believe your age is not a determining factor in your health and pain is not to be expected just because you are getting older.

We believe that most everyday, musculoskeletal ailments actually have an extremely simple (and treatable!) root cause - some muscles are too tight and others too loose. This pulls joints, bones and tendons out of place and creates pain.

We believe that most existing methods of pain rehabilitation focus on treating the painful symptoms and not identifying the root causes of pain

The root causes of your pain are often located separately from where you suffer painful symptoms - eg. knee pain is most likely caused by something going wrong in the hips.

We believe that people should take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. Only YOU know your body and therefore only YOU can fully help yourself. There are no miracle cures when it comes to the long term upkeep of your body.

It is modern, industrialised, sedentary society that is inherently weak, not us humans!

It's time to take back control of our bodies (regardless of age, size or shape) and become more human again. There is simple, logical way we can mitigate symptoms of pain, rebuild strength and thrive once again.

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I'm not a Doctor and I'm not a Physio ... I 'just' teach people to move correctly.

Have a particular symptom or condition you’re trying to deal with? Curious to understand the link between your posture and chronic pain? Want to improve and optimise your sporting performance through moving more functionally and eliminating compensating movement patterns?

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