What is 'perfect posture'?

Although hardly anyone in modern day, Westernised society can say they have absolutely perfect posture (certainly not me!), I wanted to provide the blueprint for what a fully functional body looks like, so we know what we are aiming for!

The 'perfect posture' is what Postural Alignment Therapists use as their benchmark to measure and compare our clients' postures against and to hypothesize where their pain might stem from.

When a part of someone's body deviates from 'perfect posture' it means something isn't working properly!

*Of course, we are designed to have movement in our joints and should be able to move them in all manner of ways (including what I am determining is a 'deviation'). Occasionally moving with a postural deviation isn't a problem (like twisting to kick a ball), the problems begin when we can't achieve functional alignment most of the time in everyday life.

Overall anterior 'perfect' posture

The figure on the right has vertically and horizontally balanced shoulders and hips, as well as ankles and knees which line up almost directly below the hips. His feet face directly ahead.

This alignment means the body is loading correctly and able to function in the way it is intended.

Remember - bones do what muscles tell them to. When we correct the muscles, we can correct the position of the bones!


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