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  • For more information on 1-2-1 Therapy click here.
  • Please do not send me a contact submission until you have first read one of Pete Egoscue’s books. I only work with clients who have already invested time in reading a Pete Egoscue book. This is so that every person who has an appointment with me understands what The Egoscue Method is all about and has their expectations managed BEFORE spending money on 1-2-1 Therapy with me. 1-2-1 Therapy WILL NOT work for you if you do not take responsibility for yourself, change some habits and commit to a movement regime – the books help outline this, as well as help potential clients get to grips with the theory of how/why it works.
  • If you are unsure about 1-2-1 Therapy, perhaps try my 6 Week Posture Perfect Programme, my Online Posture Classes or my Yoga Class options first as taster.
  • If you’ve already read an Egoscue book, please do get in touch! I can’t wait to work with you!

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