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I work with a wide variety of corporate companies offering online Posture seminars to their employees.

I have worked with all sorts of businesses all the way from the big four tech companies, global banks, FTSE 100 property companies, independent British food and luxury brands, smaller private companies and down to local yoga studios, gyms and sports clubs! 

I am very flexible with my online corporate offering so please do get in touch to discuss your company’s needs. I can work with you as a one-off or on a more ongoing basis.

Posture Ellie Corporate Workshops

Workshop / Corporate Client Testimonials

"I arranged for Ellie to come in to our offices and deliver a 2 part corporate session as part of our staff wellbeing programme.

The first 45 minutes were dedicated to basic postural alignment, the body’s form and function and everyday challenges that we face.

In the second session Ellie took us through some simple alignment techniques and exercises that we could all benefit from.

Throughout this process, I found Ellie to be incredibly professional and flexible. She is clearly very knowledgeable in her area and has a lovely way of delivering her message and engaging her audience.

We had such great feedback and requests for follow ups, that we have now asked Ellie to come in for one to one sessions with our staff and are looking to arrange some more group sessions in the near future."
"Eleanor was hired by the GLAMOUR team to present a 1 hr talk at our HQ, which was informative, engaging and interactive.

Many of my colleagues were fascinated to discover the causes behind their aches and pains and Eleanor's useful tips and exercises have helped alleviate their ailments.

I would highly recommend a corporate session with Eleanor and can't wait for many more in the future."
"Postural Alignment Therapy really is a life changer and I’m so glad we booked Ellie to engage with our staff here at Arena Birmingham.

Ellie’s delivery was comprehensive and inspiring.

My one to one session was a revelation and I can’t quite believe how such simple exercises have left me feeling so energised and at ease.

I have since invested in a yoga block and mat to continue with my homework and really hope we can welcome Ellie back soon.

Everyone found the day highly beneficial.

Ellie – thank you so much!"
"I did not know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised at the accessible way everything was presented. The practical exercises were brilliant.

It totally changed my perspective on how the body works. Really well researched and informative. ​ I have been telling anyone who will listen about this course, and my knee is much less painful."
"This course is a fantastic in depth overview on everything posture and movement related, whether you’re in pain, or not, curious around anatomy and physiology or just like to exercise and want to know more about how the body was designed to move this course is for you. You’ll go home with a fountain of knowledge and adaptations to support everyday normal living, pain free.

I have had treatment with Ellie already and, topping up with the course, has been fantastic bonus. I have been able to make small changes to my day to day life to help me reduce back and knee pain. I have a better awareness about my posture and it’s even carried over to my gym based workouts as well, meaning I am able to tap into muscles that were weaker and inactive before and get stronger!"
"Ellie's group course was incredible.

I've learnt so much and have started spotting alignment issues in others as well as myself.

I'm so much more conscience of making sure I move more, "if you don't use it, you'll lose it" really hit home.

I've already recommended the course to others and so much of the content made sense, it was almost as if it's all obvious, but we've been discouraged to think about it.

Mostly I loved Ellie's passion, enthusiasm and warmth. She made the classes really easy going and enjoyable... "
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