- £39.99 PER MENU -

- receive a bespoke exercise routine suited to your posture -

  • Do you want to take charge of your aches and pains, but need some guidance as to where and how to start?

  • Are you happy to follow instructions via video and listen to what your body does/doesn’t like?

  • Do you want access to the Posture Ellie Members Area (which has a bank of exclusive video content to help you make sense of your body, your pain and The Egoscue Method)?

  • Would you like a bespoke menu of simple exercises to complete in your own time suited to your body, posture and limitations? (delivered by the easy-to-use Egoscue Method software?)

  • Would you like an assessment of your posture and what I think might be going wrong?

  • Are you prepared to integrate your menu of exercises into your weekly routine? (3 – 4 times a week)

What is Digital Therapy? -

  • First, you complete the ‘Movement Self Assessment Form’ – this is basically an online, ‘DIY’ version of having a 1-2-1 Appointment with me. You report back your findings about your body in the Movement Self Assessment. This form will take you between 1hr – 1.5hrs to complete. You must be detailed (please read every single section very carefully) and take your time or I will not have the information needed to make your menu bespoke to your body. Unless you are willing to fill out this form carefully, there is no point you paying for a Digital Therapy Menu!
  • Then you submit 4 x Posture Photos. (All the information you need about how to do this is contained within the Movement Self Assessment information once the £39.99 has been paid.)
  • Based off the answers you give in your Self Assessment and the photos you send, I create a bespoke menu of exercises for you to do in your own time. These will suit your limitations and your posture.
  • This menu is sent to you via The Egoscue Method software (just like my 1-2-1 clients). The instructions, exercises and sequence are all clearly laid out with photos, text and videos to help you. You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel where I am constantly uploading video walkthroughs of the Egoscue exercises.
  • I’ll also send you an email with an analysis of what I have noticed in your photos and from your results and therefore what my aims are for your body and what I want you to get out of the menu of exercises I have prescribed to you. I will explain why I have chosen each exercise for you.
  • Digital Therapy does not involve back and forth contact with me/advice in-between menu updates. This is reserved for my 1-2-1 Clients. The only contact I have with my Digital Therapy clients is when they submit their Movement Self Assessment Form and I respond to that with the summary email.
  • You gain access to the Members Area. The Members Area contains a bank of video content to help you understand The Egoscue Method and how to best do your exercises.
  • You do your exercises on a regular basis in your own time. 
  • Remember – Be as detailed as possible in the ‘Movement Self Assessment Form’ so that I can give you a menu that is bespoke and appropriate for you. The only information I have to work off is what you say in the form. If you aren’t detailed, I can’t help you as much!
  • When you feel your progress plateau, you re-submit the Movement Self Assessment Form and send me photos again and I will send you an updated menu as per your (hopefully improved) function. Each new menu submission costs £39.99 and should last you about a month.

NB – Please note that if you have already have used the Egoscue Method software before (eg. signed up for therapy with another Egoscue therapist previously) I will need another email address. I cannot see you/access your previous menus but I also cannot add you afresh on the system if it recognises an email address.


  • When you click the button below (and pay £39.99), you will be sent a through to a landing page where you will have to complete the Movement Self Assessment Form and submit your posture photos. (If you don’t have time to complete the form upon payment, it doesn’t matter as you can just re-visit the landing page another time through a link you’ll receive via email).
  • The form will take you 1hr – 1.5hrs to complete. Please take your time, read each section’s instructions carefully, be detailed and give me as much information as possible. DO NOT HURRY THE FORM IF YOU WANT AN EFFECTIVE MENU.
  • Please allow up to 5 working days to receive your bespoke menu (but my intention is always to process sooner than this. I aim for a 48 hours turnaround). 
  • Please note that £39.99 gets you ONE bespoke menu and summary email. The next month’s updated menu (if you want one) is another £39.99.
  • Please do not sign up for Digital Therapy if you are in considerable amounts of pain. It is not comparable to having a 1-2-1 Appointment and probably not suitable if your body is particularly volatile.