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I offer a lower-cost alternative to 1-2-1 Therapy, my 'Pain Free with Posture Ellie' Digital Therapy service.

Digital Therapy does not involve contact/advice directly from me (after the initial email), its a 'structured DIY' approach to Postural Alignment Therapy/The Egoscue Method using the 'Pain Free' book (for theory), exclusive video content produced by me and The Egoscue Method software (for the practical).

Once you have signed up, sent me your posture photos and a list of your symptoms and limitations, you'll receive a 'menu' of exercises for you to do as often as possible, which will be assigned as per your postural deviations and the level of mobility you say you have. You will also gain access to a member's area of my website, where you'll be able to watch a series of videos to guide you through some of the theory of The Egoscue Method, what to expect during the process and how to do your exercises correctly.

The six videos below will offer a little bit more on what to expect from Digital Therapy.


Please watch all of them before enquiring.

N.B - Digital Therapy may be a good alternative for people who are a) able to follow instructions and b) able to listen to what their body is telling them eg. if something I give to you to do hurts, don't continue to do it.


If you are particularly immobile, out of touch with your body or in a great deal of pain, I would not recommend starting with Digital Therapy.


People are more than welcome to see me for an initial 1-2-1 appointment in person/via FaceTime and, if they think it will work for them, can continue after that via the Digital Therapy service.


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