I recommend to all of my potential clients that they purchase and read a copy of ‘Pain Free’ by Pete Egoscue.

Not only will it help you enormously in understanding The Egoscue Method theory, but it will also give you lots of suggestions for exercises to try depending on your posture. Like this ‘Foot Pain’ Menu (contained in the video below)!

In the video, I walk you through the 4 suggested exercises for ‘Dysfunctional Loading of the Foot’ from the ‘Pain Free’ book. 

Many people suffer foot pain due to how their foot interacts with the ground as they move (caused by problems with the movement of the foot itself) and how their weight is incorrectly distributed through the feet as they move (caused by problems further upstream).

To correct foot pain (as with ANY pain, regardless of where it presents) we must look at the WHOLE BODY. Your body works as a unit, everything is connected and you don’t get pain due to an isolated issue. Your pain is being caused by your WHOLE BODY mechanics going wrong. You must not focus on just the area that hurts.

If you have super stiff feet, your feet and toes will not be able to flex, extend, evert, invert, supinate and pronate as they are designed to do. The shoes you wear will also have a massive impact on how well your feet can actually work and move themselves. A fan of big, fluffy supportive trainers, orthotics or heeled shoes? These will prevent your feet from switching on and moving as nature intended.

If you have a rotated/disparate pelvis then you will likely bear more weight through one leg, which may equal foot pain in that overloaded side. Achilles Tendonitis or Plantarfasciitis on one side? Stop stretching out your Plantarfascia or Achilles and have a look at what your hips and pelvis are doing!

If you have very rounded shoulders and a forward head position, you will have too much weight being put through the front of your feet as you move, which can also result in pain (I see this A LOT in runners who totally forget to address their upper body mobility and function). If your head is correctly stacked over your shoulders, shoulders over pelvis and pelvis over ankles, that is a very different biomechanical situation to someone whose heavy head constantly drags their shoulder girdle forward and overloads the front foot.

P.S  These exercises are generic suggestions for treating symptoms of foot pain, these exercises might not make you, an individual body with your own issues, feel better. Please give the video a go but know that 1-2-1 Therapy might identify 5 other things in your individual posture that needs to be sorted out BEFORE you can start to tackle your foot mobility!

Uneven wear and tear in shoes Posture Ellie Foot Pain
Uneven wear and tear in your shoes? I'd be looking at your pelvis and hips first!

I hope you find the exercises in the video useful and I apologise for my endlessly annoying (but lovable) cats!!

Please do not push through any ‘bad’ signs of pain or tension. Pushing through pain never gets you out of pain.

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