free online posture test

I am working very hard at the moment to produce as much online content as I possibly can.


The Egoscue Method/Postural Alignment Therapy is not something where you NEED someone with you in order to do it and I realise that the possibilities to help people online are endless – I want to be the person that brings The Egoscue Method a) to the masses and b) in an easy to access digital way.


Once you have a grip of The Egoscue Method theory (read ‘Pain Free’ by Pete Egoscue) and an understanding of which muscles in your body aren’t working properly and are maybe the root cause of your issues, it really is very easy to get stuck in and start sorting yourself out. This is because The Egoscue Method is all about tuning in and listening to what your body is telling you … and no one else can you tell what your body is telling you!

I wanted to produce something which will help existing clients, future clients and even random people on the internet try and figure out the ‘sticky’ bits of their body themselves, so I created my online Postural Function Self Assessment. There’s no obligations (except joining my mailing list) other than I want you to learn a bit more about your body.


Watch the videos, test them on yourself and make notes as to what you find easy/hard. The bits you find hard to move are the bits you need to make move more!


N.B – Please note that completing the online test does not provide you with a solution or advice to your problems. The exercises in the videos are not designed to be advice, they are movements to try to highlight where in your body you might have limited mobility.