Test Yourself Online

- Free Online Postural Function Test -

When my clients see me for an appointment (I work via video call) I am assessing how their body reacts to certain movements in order to gauge the joints in their body that might not be operating functionally. I then prescribe them exercises to get the stiff parts moving a bit better, to gradually restore function to that joint.

When a joint in our body doesn’t work functionally (eg. lacks a full range of movement) other parts of the body end up compensating. It’s the compensating bits that normally end up hurting and not the bits not moving at all. I am trying to find the bits that don’t work, not the bits that hurt.

In this FREE Online Postural Function Self Assessment, the idea is that you can assess yourself (joint by joint) to see if you can find areas of improvement.

Please note that completing this form does not result in any advice or solution to your findings. 

Read more information about 1-2-1 Therapy (via Zoom) or my Posture Perfect course if you seek assistance with improving how well your body moves.

(NB – This test would be good for anyone thinking of coming to see me for an appointment – you can come equipped with useful knowledge that will help me get a jump start in understanding where to begin with your body!)

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