Group Classes - COMING SOON

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Learn how to kill your pain, the natural way!

Soon, you'll be able to join one of my group 'Painkiller' classes in order to beat your chronic pain, maintain functional posture and joint mobility.

Akin to a Pilates class, we will run through gentle exercises which are generally very beneficial to everyone within a group, aimed at those sat down/on a computer/texting on a phone too much - probably everyone!

Classes are not focused on individual postural problems/areas of pain.

We will be firing up muscles that have fallen asleep due to our modern, sedantery and repetitive lifestyles.

Anyone is welcome (regardless of age, size, shape and gender). 

You'll need to wear comfortable, sports clothes and bring some water - but you won't get sweaty or feel like you're 'exercising' per se.

These classes are great for maintenance or an introduction to Postural Alignment Therapy, but are not as effective for tackling specific symptoms as a private appointment would be.

(If you are suffering moderate to severe pain or are quite immobile, I would recommend booking a private appointment with me before doing a group class. This is to evaluate your individual symptoms and perhaps work on improving your function before embarking on the group classes. Click here to read more about my private appointments.)


Eleanor Burt - Postural Alignment Therapy

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