I recommend to all of my potential clients that they purchase and read a copy of ‘Pain Free’ by Pete Egoscue.

Not only will it help you enormously in understanding The Egoscue Method theory, but it will also give you lots of suggestions for exercises to try depending on your posture. Like this ‘Hip Pain’ Menu (contained in the video below)!

In the video, I walk you through the 4 suggested exercises for ‘Hip Pain’ Menu from the ‘Pain Free’ book.

P.S  These exercises are generic suggestions for treating symptoms of hip pain, these exercises might not make you, an individual body with your own issues, feel better. Please give the video a go but know that 1-2-1 Therapy might identify 5 other things in your individual posture that needs to be sorted out BEFORE you can start to tackle these exercises!

Please do not push through any ‘bad’ signs of pain or tension. Pushing through pain never gets you out of pain.

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