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I teach people how to move pain free

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About Posture Ellie

I’m not a physiotherapist, chiropractor or a massage therapist … I’m like a personal trainer for your posture. I help people make lasting changes to the way their body moves by improving the function and position of each joint. This reduces pain. I work with people all over the world thanks to the Internet!

"Posture Perfect" 6 Week Programme

“Posture Perfect” is a 6 week movement programme which will help restore lost function to your joints and muscles and will help you regain your functional alignment.

The programme contains over 7 hours of video footage (and weekly worksheets) to help you along!

Online Posture Classes

Buy a recording from my online video library (of one of my previous Posture Classes) to do in your own time.

There’s lots of different focus’ and things to try – Shoulders, Spinal Mobility, Hip Flexibility, Glute Activation to name a few!


"Posture Perfect"
6 Week Programme

  • A 6 week Posture Programme to follow (via pre-recorded videos) in your own time.
  • Each week (over a 6 week period), you will gain access to a new Posture Workout which will help regain lost muscular function within your body.
  • The first Posture Workout starts out with the basics and, week on week, will challenge your body more and more.
  • Working at your own pace (there’s no need to move onto the next week if your body isn’t ready for it), you will give your muscles and joints a major overhaul.
  • This will result in less pain, a greater awareness of why you had your pain and an improvement in how you move in your general life, sports and hobbies.

1-2-1 Therapy (Online)

  • Every new client is booked in for 3 x Online Appointments (via Zoom) –  An initial 30 min chat, a 1hr movement session and a follow up 1hr session.
  • A bespoke ‘menu’ of exercises to complete in your spare time which is personal to your posture and suited to your mobility levels.
  • An email from Posture Ellie summarising what she sees in your posture and what your bespoke menu is trying to achieve for your body.
  • Ongoing bespoke advice, support and coaching. You can ask Posture Ellie questions and we can tweak anything that isn’t working (in-between appointments).
  • Access to the Posture Ellie ‘Members’ Area’ (exclusive video content to help you understand the theory).
  • Invite to the free weekly 1hr Zoom for 1-2-1 Clients

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Please Read before Submitting the Contact Form –

  • Please do not send a contact submission until you have first read one of Pete Egoscue’s books. Ellie only works with clients who have already invested time in reading a Pete Egoscue book. This is so that every person who has an appointment with her understands what Postural Alignment Therapy is all about and has their expectations managed BEFORE spending money on 1-2-1 Therapy. 1-2-1 Therapy WILL NOT work for you if you do not take responsibility for yourself, change some habits and commit to a regular movement programme – the books help outline this, as well as help potential clients get to grips with the theory of how/why it works. 
  • If you’re unsure about 1-2-1 Therapy, perhaps try the 6 Week Posture Perfect Programme (£39.99) or an Online Posture & Yoga Class (There’s some free classes!) first as a taster.
  • PLEASE NOTE – Posture Ellie does not read the initial client enquiries. Sally helps Ellie with admin and bookings so it is Sally who receives emails from the contact form and it is her who will be in touch with you. 
  • Ellie cannot offer advice/assistance without assessing you during a 1-2-1 Appointment.

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