I don’t recommend many ‘gadgets’ (it’s an absolute no from me to posture braces, ergonomic chairs or lumbar support) but I really love my Mobo Board.

In my opinion there is nothing like it for waking up the feet, calves and glutes. My legs are on FIRE almost straight away … and I do all sorts of weird balancing poses everyday.

I think it’s because the rocking motion provided by the Mobo Board is quite hard to imitate with anything other than a specially made product designed with foot pronation/supination in mind.

Whilst there are lots of different ways you can use your Mobo Board (check out the website for more information on potential ways to use your board), I have made the video below to show you what I tend to do as often as I can. It’s really brilliant because I can do this when I am doing my emails at my standing desk too.

If you fancied buying a Mobo Board yourself, I have a 10% discount code you can use at checkout – POSTUREELLIE10

P.S  This video is demonstrating one of the ways in which I strengthen my feet, legs and glutes, these exercises might not make you, an individual body with your own issues, feel better. Please give the video a go but know that 1-2-1 Therapy might identify 5 other things in your individual posture that needs to be sorted out BEFORE you can start to tackle your foot mobility!

Mobo Board Posture Ellie
The Mobo Board has a hole for your 4 smaller toes to relax into - this prevents them from clawing and forces the big toe joint to stabilise instead.

I hope you find the exercises in the video useful and I apologise for how bad I am after a few weeks off Mobo Boarding!

Please do not push through any ‘bad’ signs of pain or tension. Pushing through pain never gets you out of pain.

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