hyperextending knees? here's 6 moves for you to try today!

Your hyperextending knees are likely a postural deviation, not a genetic mutation (unless you have a connective tissue disorder. Most people don’t – their body just doesn’t move as designed and their knees compensate).


They are something you can correct if you know what to do and are prepared to put in the work.


Most of the time, knees hyperextend when hips and ankles don’t move properly. They buckle backwards because they are doing work they are not supposed to do on behalf of locked up hips and ankles. Hyperextensive knees are normally in the middle of hips stuck in extension and feet stuck in plantarflexion.


(NB – The woman below has hyperextending knees. Her heeled trainers will not be helping her knees. She would be much better off in a pair of minimalistic shoes which allow her feet to dorsiflex. This would take some of the strain off her knees.)


For most people with hypermobile knees, if we can encourage more hip flexion and ankle dorsiflexion (without the normal compensations), you’ll find you can start to ease off the unnatural pressure going through double jointed knees.


If you have hyperextending knees, everytime you’re standing up with your knees buckling backwards, you aren’t moving functionally. Therefore I can’t give you standing exercises a you’ll be compensating.


The 6 moves in the video below require you to think about your hips and feet. Listen to the cues, don’t rush and hear what your body has to say. If anything feels too much/wrong, do not continue to do the exercise. Pushing through pain never works.