knock knees? try these 5 exercises

‘Knock Knees’ aka Valgus Stress is a postural deviation where the knee is more medial/central than the hip and the foot (when looking at someone front/back on).


Here’s me – I have Valgus Stress (although not particularly severely – there’s a spectrum of severity with any of these things). But you can see that my knees are a bit narrower than my hips and feet. My R side is worse, there’s more of a ‘kick out’ from knee to foot.


Valgus Stress normally occurs when someone is weak in the muscles of the outer hips and glutes.


This short routine is targeting hip abduction, rotation and extension and should put you on the path of restoring your knee back directly under the hip and hopefully reducing any symptoms of pain your Valgus Stress might be causing you.


N.B – These exercises should be do-able for most people (hence the ‘Easy’) but it doesn’t mean you won’t feel the burn! You should really be feeling in burn in your outer hips/glutes in all of these exercises (aside from the Foot Circles – that’ll be your calves!). If your NORMAL symptoms of ‘ouch’ pain feel worse, do not continue with that exercise. If you feel lots of muscle fatigue and cramp – great!