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Access to the Posture Ellie Members Area is automatically granted to my 1-2-1 clients (both my in-person and online clients) and my Digital Therapy clients, but is also available to purchase for those who may have read one of Pete Egoscue's books or is working with another Postural Alignment Therapist and would appreciate a little more video back up in helping them to perform their E-cises correctly and understanding of The Egoscue Method theory.


  • 'Egoscue Method Theory' videos

  • 'How to do your E-cises' videos

  • Common Compensations videos

  • Joint Movements and Postural Deviations videos

  • Psoas Release Exercise videos

  • Understanding the Base Positions videos

  • Passive Re-set Exercise videos

  • More to come in the future!


  • YogAlignment - How to perform yoga moves from an Egoscue Method perspective

  • Fancy Footwork - Waking up your feet and transitioning into barefoot footwear

  • Office Exercise Ideas - Ideas for ways to improve your posture during the working day

  • Balance Routines - Learn how to steady yourself on one leg

  • Get into Extension Routines - Teach your stiff, flexed body how to get into extension comfortably

  • More to come in the future!


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Welcome Page - Members Area

The Members Area contains different categories of video content to help you make the most out of Pete Egoscue's book or Postural Alignment Therapy with a therapist.