My Ideal Clients

My client above is pictured before and after one PAT session - imagine what can happen with a regular commitment?

It does not matter to me whether you're old, young, fit, unfit, mobile, immobile, tall, short, male, female, in loads of pain, in a small amount of pain etc etc ...

The ONLY rule I have is that my clients MUST take responsibility for their own health and rehabilitation.

I equip my clients with the knowledge of their true causes of pain and give them a way out, through the gentle exercises that will not exacerbate their symptoms. BUT, the more they do their exercises on their own in-between sessions, the more pain free they will become.

My clients will also hugely benefit if they grab the bull by the horns and really take upon themselves to learn as much as possible on all facets of their health - diet, sleep, movement, stress etc. I have plenty of book recommendations and podcasts here which help give a very holistic view over improving your whole body health.

I am not a miracle worker; I am a guide/coach. I am not ‘doing’ anything to you. You are doing it to yourself. You will be curing yourself (under the guidance of me).

If you are not willing to put in time to do your exercises 4 + times a week, you probably won’t see the results and success you or I hope for. (I can adjust the length of your routine depending on how much time you say you can spare!)

The human body requires varied movement to stay healthy. On a cellular level, it is movement that keeps our cells alive.

Because our cells adapt to movement, your body is constantly reacting to the demand and load you put on it.

You cannot get yourself out of pain over 2 months and then expect the pain never to return again. You will HAVE to change some of your habits and start moving your body in the way that it needs on a regular basis.

It doesn't need to be all day and it doesn't need to get you sweaty, but you need to keep your joints and muscles moving regularly if you want any chance of being able to use them in later life.

The inconvenient truth is that a healthy body is one that is constantly worked on.

You wouldn’t brush your teeth once and never expect to have to do it again. You wouldn’t go to the gym once and expect to lose loads of weight and never put it back on again.

You cannot do Postural Alignment Therapy once and expect a) all your pain to go away straight away b) to never have to move again, after the pain has gone.

If this sounds reasonable to you, please do get in touch with me today!


Reading & Podcasts

If what you have read on my website rings true with you and you'd like to expand your knowledge further, please check out these publications and podcasts below. They have really shaped my thinking and provided inspiration and clarity for me - you'll see I rehash a lot of what is said in these texts and audios!

If you come and visit me, I have a library system and I am happy to lend out any of the books below - as long as they get returned for others to use!

Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Pain

Pete Egoscue


Eleanor Burt - Postural Alignment Therapy

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