Please watch the video above to understand why I cannot advise you as to which class your individual body 'needs'.

Without assessing your body it is impossible to make a judgement of why your pain presents.

I hope the video above explains my point and gives you further insight as to what my classes/general approach is all about.

Posture Ellie disclaims any liability or loss in connection with the theories and practices offered in these online Posture classes.


Not all exercises and variations are appropriate for all people – it is your responsibility to know your own body and its limitations and to choose suitable practices. 

Please consult your GP before attempting this or any other exercise program.

If you suffer considerable pain I strongly recommend a 1-2-1 Appointment before partaking in group classes (I work via video call).

I offer online Posture Classes (on the conferencing app Zoom) to supplement and expand my existing offering. Anyone is welcome to join in! 

If you sign up to attend the class, you will also receive a video recording of the class. So even if you can't make the class, you will be sent a recording which you can do in your own time.


You can also purchase these previous class recordings below (click here).

These classes will work to re-align your posture and balance your body, just like a menu of exercises would (like you'd get if you were a 1-2-1 or Digital client of mine). The difference is that the classes are not tailored to your individual posture so not everything will suit you - It is up to you to listen to your body and stop anything which aggravates any symptoms of pain


  • Minimal equipment is needed (and always something you can find around around the home!)


I will do my best to make the online Posture Classes suitable for as many people as possible, so nothing will be too ridiculously hard!

Click below for information on upcoming classes.



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