I have always offered in-person talks and workshops (on the importance of posture and its role in keeping us pain free before moving onto onto some helpful exercises) to a variety of different groups of people; from sports clubs, corporates, yoga studios, health retreats, schools and even just groups of friends. 

I now offer 1hr Online (Zoom) Posture Talks & Classes suitable for a lunch break. They are a great way to encourage employees to stay as healthy and active whilst working at home as possible.

My Online Posture Talks comprise about 10-15 mins of chatting before 45 mins of movement. I keep the theory brief but want to make sure everyone understands what I (and The Egoscue Method) are all about before moving onto exercises which are suitable for everyone and easy to perform.

The movement is all seated or standing and will be suitable for anyone's office space, regardless of how small! No special equipment is needed either.

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