Passive Re-Set Positions

Passive Re-sets are positions that I give to my clients to do for slightly extended periods of time (5 mins or more) when they have aggravated levels of pain. 


Depending on your posture, your favourite Passive Re-set position may be very different to the person next to you. Play around with them and find the ones that work for you the best. I really believe that there is a position within this list which feels good for everyone and will dramatically reduce any symptoms of pain you might be suffering.


Just being in a supported, functional position can hugely help reduce symptomatic levels of pain, which is very important to do before you attempt to do any other forms of physical activity.


You should not be fighting through tension or pain during your exercises (or any activity you do in your free time). Do one (or more) of these Passive Re-Set positions first for however long you need to feel like your levels of pain are dramatically reducing.


Passive Re-sets do not build strength, so are not a long term solution to improving your posture and keeping pain away for longer stints of time, but are incredibly helpful during the early days (or during relapses) for simply putting your joints in better positions and helping you calm your nervous system down.


Once you feel pain free from doing a Passive Re-set position, you build your movement and strength from this starting point.


Remember - Get levels of pain down before attempting to do physical activity. If your levels of pain begin to ramp up again during physical activity, that activity isn't for you right now. Your body needs to do more work to prepare itself for whatever demand you are asking of it (whether that be a specific E-Cise, or your favourite hobby).

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