In the video below, I walk you through a series of exercises that I do personally to re-align my wonky pelvis.

My left hip flexor has a tendency to switch off (which means the left side of my pelvis tips backwards posteriorly) and my right hip flexor has a tendency to dominate (which means the right side of my pelvis tips forwards anteriorly). This is called an Anterior/Posterior Pelvic Disparity and is very common. There are a number of other forms of pelvic misalignment too – a Posterior Pelvic Tilt, an Anterior Pelvic Tilt, Pelvic Rotation, Pelvic Elevation.

I don’t suffer any pain but I do get little signs (that I am obviously very attuned to, probably more so than most!) that something is amiss when this pelvic disparity starts to lock in for too long. I get some heat around my right knee (because the hip can’t extend properly the knee starts to take too much of a burden) and I get pins and needles in my shoulders at night (because the shoulders can’t settle correctly due to the wonky pelvis). I can also visually see and feel the mis-alignment in certain exercises and positions. I also get a sense that my walking is a little disjointed. This is a skill I have built upon over a number of years – it takes a while to understand and listen to what your body wants!

Feel free to join me in my current programme (I mix these up constantly so my body never plateaus or gets bored – variety is key!) and see if it helps you too.

P.S  These exercises are my own personal pelvic alignment exercises I do, these exercises might not make you, an individual body with your own issues, feel better. Please give the video a go but know that 1-2-1 Therapy might identify 5 other things in your individual posture that needs to be sorted out BEFORE you can start to tackle your pelvic misalignment! Some of these exercises I do today are quite tough and not ones I would dream of giving most of my clients in their first appointment!

Please do not push through any ‘bad’ signs of pain or tension. Pushing through pain never gets you out of pain.

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