- online 1.5 hour workshop -

Here’s my ‘Posture & Pain: An Introduction to Postural Alignment Therapy’ Online Workshop video. It’s a presentation of slides with my voice-over guiding you over nearly 1.5 hours worth of content.

I’ll firstly walk you through some of the basic theory behind The Egoscue Method and will get you starting to understand how your posture may relate to your pain.

I’ll also show you how to assess your own posture photos and the workshop finishes with 10 easy exercises to try and do during your normal day. I’d love for you to try and incorporate these as often as possible to mix up your movement profile and improve your muscular function!

I think my ‘Posture & Pain: Intro to Postural Alignment Therapy’ Online Workshop is great for anyone with a passing interest in understanding more about The Egoscue Method, suitable for people who have perhaps started working with an Egoscue practitioner and want a bit more background or generally for anyone suffering pain who perhaps wants a new perspective into where things might be going wrong.