Postural Alignment Therapy

Why are we in pain?

We live in a sedentary world where we simply don't move enough or in a sufficiently varied fashion.

We spend our days sat down at desks (starting at school), travelling in cars, watching TV and playing on computers.

Nearly everyone over the age of 25 (or sometimes younger!) suffers with some form of pain and/or symptoms of musculoskeletal dysfunction. 

This isn't coincidental. The overwhelming majority of people are not born 'wrong' or 'weak'.

Our bodies have a specific functional design. When we use our bodies in the way they are designed (gently moving all day, everyday - finding food, hunting food, making fire, running after children, building shelter) our body retains its functional design and we suffer no musculoskeletal pain.

However, as we no longer live the life we were designed for, our bodies start to weaken. This starts to happen as soon as we aren't living the life for which our bodies are designed. For many people, this is probably early childhood, as sofas, iPads and TVs were not part of our ancestor's childhoods. 

Muscles start falling asleep and bones and joints start getting pulled out of place. One tiny sleeping muscle can cause three other muscles to take over in compensation. Over time, what starts as one tiny sleeping muscle can have a rippling effect throughout the entire body and become a major problem.

When joints are pulled out of alignment by sleeping muscles, abnormal wear and tear and, therefore, pain sets in.

What is Postural Alignment Therapy?

From an annoying Tennis Elbow that stops play at your weekend game, to full blown, agonising debilitation which stops you from living comfortably, you need to bring yourself back to health in a way that suits your lifestyle and helps you heal these problems long term. You know, deep down, that ignoring these niggles will lead to more serious problems along the line.

This is where Postural Alignment Therapy can help you. You, your family, your friends and your employees. In fact, anyone, in any level of chronic pain, has room for improvement.

Through simple, logical, gentle, 'hands off' movements (a bit like Pilates), Postural Alignment Therapy teaches you why, where and how your body is suffering discomfort and starts to bring it back to functional postural alignment once more.

Client involvement, interaction, education and participation is absolutely key to a successful course of therapy because no one knows your body and how you feel better than you do!

Postural Alignment Therapy can also help with treating chronic pains arising from postural birth defects, medical conditions and old injuries that didn't heal correctly.

  • Totally 'hands-off' eg. no manipulation or touching

  • Client-led rather than 'expert'-led - you tell ME what is working or not working for your individual body

  • Gentle physical therapy

  • Perfect for all ages, shapes and sizes

  • Long term solution to managing pain

  • Improves sporting performance

  • Injury prevention - if you can work on your posture before you suffer pain, the easier it will be to sort out!

How does it work?

Often your pain presents at a site totally separate to the root cause of the problem. This is because the body works as a unit and everything is connected.

Frequently, pain presents in the more functional side/parts of the body, as it takes more of a beating eg. If one hip flexor isn't working properly, the other hip will bear more weight during the gait cycle. The 'good hip' is the one that ends up wearing away. If you get a hip replacement but don't end up waking up the other hip flexor muscle, the underlying dysfunction is never tackled.

Postural Alignment Therapy equips you to empower yourself to manage your own symptoms, progressively reduce your pain and restore your body's natural postural alignment in the long term.

This is done through exercises which gently fire up sleepy, long forgotten muscles and quieten those which suffer overuse through compensatory movements.

Each individual's limitations are taken into account and no one is made to do anything they aren't comfortable with. Postural Alignment Therapy can be catered to anyone - no matter what size, shape, age or level of pain they are in.

When the correct tension between dysfunctional and compensating muscles is restored, joints and bones fall back into place and your pain will reduce.

It is not a miracle cure and requires a (preferably) daily commitment from you to do your bespoke exercises: trust that your body wants to heal and that you can make yourself get better. Saying that, you will hopefully feel some benefits almost immediately which will encourage you to continue with investing time in your programme.

What better time to start the journey to your recovery than today?

(P.S - We don't do energy, we don't do healing and we don't do chakras. This is a results driven, science-based physical therapy with tangible results. )


Are you ready for Postural Alignment Therapy?

Regardless of whatever age, shape, size or level of pain someone is in, Postural Alignment Therapy is for anyone who can answer yes (truthfully) to these questions ...

Am I willing to take responsibility for my own health?

The fantastic thing about Postural Alignment Therapy is that it empowers YOU to get yourself out of pain. I will not be waving a magic wand or 'doing' anything to you - you're responsible in making yourself better. I will be instructing you through a bespoke routine (a bit like Pilates) of gentle movements to start to restore functionality back to your body.  Whilst I respect limitations and pain, I don't respect excuses. I only want to work with people who really want to make themselves better. If you have 10 minutes spare per day to watch TV or be on social media, then you have 10 minutes to help yourself reduce your pain!

Am I willing to do my routine most days (if it gets me out of pain)?

At our appointment, I will cater the length of your bespoke routine as to how much spare time you have to get yourself better (and also show you how to perform the moves in your routine). However, I can't make you do anything after our appointment is finished. The more you do your bespoke routine in your spare time, the better the results. Bearing in mind you might have 75 years of muscular habits to undo, this is not a quick fix (but you may be surprised at how quickly you'll see and feel results)!

Will I keep Ellie updated with my progress?

This is a mutual process and I need my clients to keep me in the loop with how they are feeling, what progress they are making and if they feel like anything isn't working for them. As you improve, we will switch the routine up to match your progress. First we focus on 'straightening' any wonky bits and after you're straight, we focus on building strength into your new found functionality. It is very common to tweak a routine if it too difficult or you don't think it's working. I am always here to give any extra guidance as necessary, but need to know if there are any problems or questions!

I am not sure if I am ready yet ...

If you're not quite sure if you are ready yet or are a bit unsure what Postural Alignment Therapy is all about, why not come along to or book in a talk, workshop or free 15 minute phone consultation? This will help introduce you to the methodology behind Postural Alignment Therapy, explain what happens in a 1 on 1 session, you can ask me questions and also you'll hopefully get some immediate results for you which will inspire you to want to continue!



I'm not a Doctor and I'm not a Physio ... I 'just' teach people to move correctly.

Have a particular symptom or condition you’re trying to deal with? Curious to understand the link between your posture and chronic pain? Want to improve and optimise your sporting performance through moving more functionally and eliminating compensating movement patterns?

Contact me today to see how Postural Alignment Therapy can help you (or your family, friends or employees) help yourself back to your natural functional alignment and maximum health.

I offer free 15 minute phone consultations to clarify what Postural Alignment is all about and to see if it is the right treatment for you. Fill out the form below to get in touch.

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