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Postural Assessment and Self Assessment Walkthroughs


I made these two videos thinking they may help people to assess themselves a little more thoroughly as well as understand a little bit more about how I operate and what I am looking out for.

Firstly, in my appointments, I study the posture photos sent into me by my clients. By no means definitive or exhaustive, they help point me in the right direction. The way the body holds itself ‘naturally’ in standing posture often gives many subtle (and not so subtle clues) as to what might not move very well and what may be a little stuck.

Secondly, I take my clients through some functional tests to watch how their body moves and what it struggles with. The second video is an example of a functional test I like to do in almost every appointment. It guides me as to where I need to start when tackling the individual body in front of me.

I hope you enjoy these videos – take your own photos (and study them) and try the test in the second video … what do you learn about yourself?

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