About : Posture Ellie

I worked in corporate desk jobs for all of my 20s, before packing it in to realise my dreams of working for myself. I wanted to do something I passionately believed in, as well as enjoy a vocation that felt worthwhile and rewarding.

I fell into the world of movement therapy after being extremely sedentary, weak and stiff. Shortly after taking up yoga in October 2017, I realised I wasn’t ‘naturally inflexible’ (as I had told myself), but just that I hadn’t been asking my body to do the right things to keep me mobile and strong. I went from not being able to touch my toes to being able to do all sorts of crazy stuff!

Yoga lead me down a path of a) personal empowerment and b) fascination towards the power of the human body (when given the right stimulus).

After training as a Sports Massage Therapist, I realised I wanted to help people prevent getting tight/sore muscles in the first place, rather than treating the tight/sore muscles. This was when I found ‘The Egoscue Method’ (whilst manically searching online for something that aligned with my beliefs).

I read Pete Egoscue’s ‘Pain Free’ book (fully recommended to anyone wanting to take this seriously) and the rest, as they say, is history!

After training for my PAS 1 & 2 qualification (Postural Alignment qualifications), I visited The Egoscue Method HQ in San Diego for further experience as an intern (December 2018). I’ve subsequently achieved my ETS qualification (the next level Egoscue Method qualification) and I’ve completed Outdoor First Aid and Mental Health First Aid Training too. 

I am a qualified 200hr Yoga Teacher.

Working as a Postural Alignment Therapist brings me so much joy – I am honoured that this is my vocation,

Outside of work, I love yoga (as above), climbing, reading, walking, cats, travelling and a few glasses of wine!

I make no false claims: I am NOT medically trained, I am like a personal trainer for your posture. This doesn’t mean I can’t help you though, the results my clients get speak for themselves.

My Approach : Realistic, Energetic & Supportive

The best thing about working for myself is that I don’t have to dampen down my personality to suit someone else’s brand.

I am fully myself with my clients and I won’t suit everyone.

  • I am high energy and very optimistic – I have seen too many people who have had all sorts of ‘inevitable’ problems get better to not be optimistic.

  • I am a realist. Success in The Egoscue Method (which is what my therapy is based upon) requires lifestyle and habit change. Some people don’t want to change their lifestyle and habits. I work with those who do.

  • I work really hard and expect my clients to do the same. This will not work if you are not prepared to put in the effort.

  • To my clients that fully invest in the process, I am with them every step of the way for motivation, support and guidance. We form a united front against their pain!

  • I don’t think I am an expert of your body. I think YOU’RE the expert of your body. I see myself as an interpreter. We work with what your body tells us and I will teach you how to understand what your body is trying to tell you.

  • My aim is that my clients get better and then never have to see me again. This may take one month or it may take a year, depending on the severity of dysfunction within your body.

  • We have a lot of fun! Learning to move with more confidence and less pain will help you re-discover the joy of movement again.

My Ideal Clients Agree With These Statements

I am the only person who can take full responsibility for my health from now on – no one else can ‘fix’ me (although I can have outside help!) and if I don’t change, my health won’t change.

I can’t change what has happened in the past, but I can change my future.

Long term changes to dysfunctional movement patterns don’t happen overnight and no ‘band aid’ solution will change my dysfunctional movement patterns. 

I am willing to do what I need to do in order to help myself.

I don’t just want a pain free body, I want a fully functional body.

I think the ‘Pain Free’ by Pete Egoscue book makes a lot of sense! 

5 Things To Change Today


The majority of modern shoes are heeled, restrictive and supportive. This switches off many of the muscles within the body and greatly contributes to pain. Spend more time barefoot or in barefoot/minimal shoes to start waking up muscles you never knew existed.

Sitting Habits

Most people's issues with chronic pain stem from chronic chair usage and what this does to the human body over a lifetime. Swap your cushioned chair for the hardest chair you can (this will encourage you to fidget) and also begin to spend more time on the floor!

Start Yoga

Yoga is one of the very few activities where you are systematically taking each joint through its full range of movement. Not only a wonderful way to start teaching your body to move better, yoga also boasts powerful mental and physiological health benefits too.

'No Screen' Walking

Looking down at your phone whilst you're walking is a sure fire way to create a 'text neck' which comes with a whole host of problems. Lose the phone, swing your arms (and tone your triceps!) and exercise your eyes over a greater distance than a foot!

Lose The Pillows

Modern heads that spend all day hunching forward in a chair, don't need to spend all night propped up and hunched forward either. Lose a pillow (or two) to allow your upper back and neck to reset straight whilst you sleep. Easy win.

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