"Posture Perfect" With Posture Ellie

- £39.99 For The 6 Week Plan -

- A 6 Week Posture 'Workout' Programme Towards Better Movement Habits -

  • Do you want to methodically and logically restore ranges of movement to stiff joints and learn which of your muscles should be waking up and when?

  • Are you willing to incorporate about 45mins – 1 hour of corrective posture exercises a few times into your weekly routine?

  • Are you happy to follow instructions via video and listen to what your body does/doesn’t like?

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Posture Perfect Posture Ellie Review
Posture Perfect Posture Ellie Review

What is "Posture Perfect"? -
Please Read Carefully

  • “Posture Perfect” with Posture Ellie is a 6 week corrective exercise programme aimed at restoring function to the joints in your body. At the end of the programme, you’ll also receive a 7th bonus “Maintenance Routine” which can be performed regularly (long term) in order to retain the function that you regained during the “Posture Perfect” programme.
  • There are seven exercise routines which will be drip-fed to you on a weekly basis (over the course of 6 weeks). You work at your own pace and take as long as you need at each weekly stage – I don’t want anyone moving quicker than their body wants them to!
  • Each week’s routine contains a video walkthrough with me guiding you through the full exercise routine (There’s over 7 hours of video content contained within the programme), a weekly worksheet to complete (You can print it off, have the exercises easily to hand and keep yourself accountable) and some ‘homework’ suggestions each week. These are other things you can try in your free time to challenge your body in a new way (as well as the routines)!
  • Week One starts you off with laying down the basic foundations of functional movement. Everyone starts here, regardless of how fit they think they are! I think Week One is accessible to nearly every body and, as mentioned, you can spend as long as you need on each week’s routine until you’ve mastered it.
  • Week on week, the routines get harder and challenge you a little more. By the end of Week 6, you will be feeling the benefits of a stronger, more functional body!
  • There is no limit to your access to the routines – come back and revisit them whenever you want.
  • “Posture Perfect” does not involve direct contact or advice from me. This is reserved for my 1-2-1 Clients. “Posture Perfect” is a programme for you to complete independently (with the help of videos).
  • “Posture Perfect” has been designed in such a way to be appropriate for the vast majority of bodies. It is not bespoke to your body and so some things might not be suitable for you to do. It is up to you to listen to your body and to not fight through pain.
  • “Posture Perfect” is not a weight loss programme, nor are any of the exercises designed to make you sweat. The exercises are designed to bring your body back into functional alignment, so that it moves better. It’s like a workout programme, without the sweat!

Sounds Good, What's Next?

  • When you click the button below (and pay £39.99), you will be sent a through to a landing page where you will have some introductory videos to watch and you’ll have access to the Week One video routine, worksheet and homework.
  • Then, the week after, you will be sent access to the next week’s programme (until you have seven weeks in total)!
  • Please do not sign up for “Posture Perfect” if you are in considerable amounts of pain or seriously immobile. It is not comparable to having a 1-2-1 Appointment and probably not suitable if your body is particularly volatile.


  • EQUIPMENT NEEDED FOR POSTURE PERFECT – A Chair, 2 x Yoga Blocks (or Firm Pillows), a Yoga Strap (or leather belt/scarf), A Wall, 2 Rolled up Blankets/Towels and a Static Back set up (edge of bed/sofa will normally suffice!). 


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