Before each appointment I ask my clients for -

1. a set of 'posture photos'

2. a set of 'foot photos'

3. a 'gait video'.


These also need to be re-photoed and re-sent before each follow up appointment, so we can discuss, assess and check for progressions and changes.


1. 4 x 'Posture Photos' - Front, Back, Left, Right (as above)

    Read carefully

  • Be barefoot.

  • Get your head and feet fully in.

  • Get a photo from front, back and both sides (4 photos total).

  •  Take the photos flat on (so not looking up/down at you - this distorts what we see). It helps to take pictures straight on from hip level.

  • Be relaxed and holding no tension. Feel like you're standing if you would if you were on your own, not posing for a photo.

  • Try and get a blank wall behind you as this helps us see things better.

  • Hair tied up and in as few clothes as you feel comfortable with!

2. 4 x 'Foot Photos' - Front and Back (both close up) and the underside of both feet (This will help demonstrate to you how your weight is distributed as you walk). Pictured below.

3. 1 x 'Gait Video' (a video of you walking up and down away from the camera over about a 5 metre distance. Do this a few times so the video is about 20 - 30 seconds long.)







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