posture photos

- how to take them properly -

Before each first appointment I ask my clients for –

1. a set of 4 full length ‘posture photos‘.

2. a set of 3 ‘foot photos’.

3. a 30 second ‘gait video’. 

(I will also ask for the full length posture photos before each follow up appointment, so we can discuss, assess and check for progressions and change. Please send these to me 24 hours before your next appointment.)

what you need to send before each appointment

Read carefully before sending me your photos!

  • Be barefoot.

  • Get your head and feet fully in.

  • Get a photo from front, back and both sides (4 photos total).

  • Take the photos flat on (so not looking up/down/from the side at an angle at you – this distorts what I can see). It helps to take pictures straight on from hip level. Make sure person taking the picture isn’t much taller than you, nor too low down. Straight on at hip level.

  • Be relaxed and holding no tension. Feel like you’re standing if you would if you were on your own, not posing for a photo. It might help to close your eyes and jiggle around a bit to release any tension.

  • Try and get a blank wall behind you as this helps us see things better.

  • Hair tied up and please be in as few clothes as you feel comfortable with! It is really, really helpful me for to see your knees (and the direction they point in) especially.

  • Things to ask yourself before you send your photos to me, is this photo straight and can Ellie clearly see the joints in my body? If your skirting board is at a crazy diagonal – your photos aren’t straight (look at the skirting board above for an example of a nicely aligned skirting board!)

2. 3 x ‘Foot Photos’ – Front and Back (both close up) and the underside of both feet (This will help demonstrate to you how your weight is distributed as you walk). Pictured below.

3. 1 x ‘Gait Video’ (a video of you walking up and down away from the camera over about a 5 metre distance. Do this a few times so the video is about 20 – 30 seconds long.) I need to see your whole body so please don’t just video your legs – your arm swing (or lack thereof) is very telling!