An 80 year old client before and after her first appointment.



Services offered - Scroll down to read in more detail.

  • Initial Phone Consultation

  • Initial 1-2-1 Postural Alignment Therapy Appointment

  • Block of 4, 8, 16 x 1 Postural Alignment Therapy Sessions

  • 1hr/1.5hr Talk

  • 2hr Workshops

  • 8hr Day Rate

Initial Phone Consultation


I understand that signing up for a treatment package is a time and financial commitment. I want you to be confident that Postural Alignment Therapy is the right course of action for you and that you understand what it entails. Contact me below to book an appropriate 15 minute telephone slot for me to answer any questions that you might have.

Initial 1-2-1 Postural Alignment Therapy Appointment

£60 per initial appointment

This is the best place to start if you're suffering pain or really want to improve your function to enhance your sporting performance.

An initial 121 session lasts approx 1 - 1.5 hrs.

Once you have experienced your first 121 session, it is up to you to then decide if Postural Alignment Therapy is for you and if you'd like to commit to one of my appointment packages below. Regardless of whether or not you want to proceed with treatment, an initial session can be really helpful in understanding your body and how to mitigate your pain (in the short term).

I do not offer ongoing ad hoc appointments, as this will not offer proper long term results. Your body will change rapidly and requires update and challenge so it doesn't plateau, regular initial visits help with accountability and you may go through periods of discomfort as your body shifts - I want to be there to guide you through it, rather than you be alarmed.

Click the button below to understand why, or fill in the contact box to book a free phone consultation.

Block of 1 on 1 Postural Alignment sessions

4 x PAT sessions - £220

8 x PAT sessions - £400

16 x PAT sessions - £750

Whilst your first PAT session is likely to make some improvements in how you feel short term, a one-off 1.5hr session will never be sufficient to mitigate symptoms of pain, straighten out any wonkiness and rotation, permanently build strength into your rediscovered alignment, develop the good habit of regularly moving your muscles AND give you the skills and knowledge you need to be able to treat yourself in the future. (caveat - this is also only possible if my client is committed to helping themselves and will 'do their homework' in their own time outside of the appointments).

Booking a block of sessions will help you keep accountable for a set period of time (like seeing a personal trainer) and will help you improve more rapidly and gain the knowledge you need to help yourself in the future.

Click the button below to understand why I only offer blocks of appointments, or fill in the contact box at the bottom of the page to book a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss.

If you bought a £60 initial consultation and then decided to 'upgrade' and buy the block of a further 3/7/15 sessions, I will honour the £220/400/750 cost of the block arrangement. So you would pay a further £160/340/690.

1hr/1.5hr  Talk


Hire me to give me of my 1hr/1.5hr talks on 'Posture and Pain' at your company or for a group who might find it relevant and interesting. These talks work especially well in the corporate environment, and can be over a lunch break. People can wear regular clothes and I can adapt the talk to any space.

These also work well for sports clubs, yoga studios or a group of friends etc.

*This is for a talk in the Worcestershire area. I am happy to work from where ever but my time and travel expenses will need to be considered (0.45p a mile and £30 per hour of travel time).

2hr Workshops

£120 - Maximum amount of attendees is 15

Hire me to give one my interactive and educational 2hr workshops on an 'Introduction to Postural Alignment Therapy' at your office, studio or gym (or wherever!) These require enough space for each attendee to have a yoga mat and attendees will need to wear exercise type clothes they can move around in.

*I am happy to work further afield than Worcestershire but my time and expenses will need to be considered (0.45p a mile and £30 per hour spent travelling).

Postural Alignment Day rate

£400 - 8 hours*

Maybe you'd like me to speak at your company conference to discuss the link between pain and posture, before running a practical workshop? Maybe you'd like me to come to the workplace to treat your employees' various pains 121 as well as give a group talk? Perhaps you'd like me to spend the day with your whole family assessing everyone and running through an entire day of alignment activity? Maybe you're running a retreat and would like all your attendees to be pain free and moving more functionally?

I am really open minded about the sort of people and groups I can help within this day rate remit and I would love to hear any suggestions you might have! You basically hire me for 8hrs and that might consist of a mixture of talks, workshops and/or 121 therapy.

Just contact me to ask!

*Whilst I am happy to do so, if I have to travel a long way from my base in Worcestershire, my travel expenses and time will need to be considered.

Are you ready for Postural Alignment Therapy?

Regardless of whatever age, shape, size or level of pain someone is in, Postural Alignment Therapy is for anyone who can answer yes (truthfully) to these questions ...

Am I willing to take responsibility for my own health?

The fantastic thing about Postural Alignment Therapy is that it empowers YOU to get yourself out of pain. I will not be waving a magic wand or 'doing' anything to you - you're responsible in making yourself better. I will be instructing you through a bespoke routine (a bit like Pilates) of gentle movements to start to restore functionality back to your body.  Whilst I respect limitations and pain, I don't respect excuses. I only want to work with people who really want to make themselves better. If you have 10 minutes spare per day to watch TV or be on social media, then you have 10 minutes to help yourself reduce your pain!

Am I willing to do my routine most days (if it gets me out of pain)?

At our appointment, I will cater the length of your bespoke routine as to how much spare time you have to get yourself better (and also show you how to perform the moves in your routine). However, I can't make you do anything after our appointment is finished. The more you do your bespoke routine in your spare time, the better the results. Bearing in mind you might have 75 years of muscular habits to undo, this is not a quick fix (but you may be surprised at how quickly you'll see and feel results)!

Will I keep Ellie updated with my progress?

This is a mutual process and I need my clients to keep me in the loop with how they are feeling, what progress they are making and if they feel like anything isn't working for them. As you improve, we will switch the routine up to match your progress. First we focus on 'straightening' any wonky bits and after you're straight, we focus on building strength into your new found functionality. It is very common to tweak a routine if it too difficult or you don't think it's working. I am always here to give any extra guidance as necessary, but need to know if there are any problems or questions!

I am not sure if I am ready yet ...

If you're not quite sure if you are ready yet or are a bit unsure what Postural Alignment Therapy is all about, why not come along to or book into a group talk, a workshop or arrange a free 15 minute phone consultation? This will help introduce you to the methodology behind Postural Alignment Therapy, explain what happens in a 1 on 1 session, you can ask me questions and also you'll hopefully get some immediate results for you which will inspire you to want to continue!



I'm not a Doctor and I'm not a Physio ... I 'just' teach people to move correctly.

Have a particular symptom or condition you’re trying to deal with? Curious to understand the link between your posture and chronic pain? Want to improve and optimise your sporting performance through moving more functionally and eliminating compensating movement patterns?

Contact me today to see how Postural Alignment Therapy can help you (or your family, friends or employees) help yourself back to your natural functional alignment and maximum health.

I offer free 15 minute phone consultations to clarify what Postural Alignment is all about and to see if it is the right treatment for you. Fill out the form below to get in touch.

Based upstairs at Bevere Cafe & Gallery, WR3 7RQ.

Skype appointments also available.

Appointments by prior arrangement only.

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Occasional weekends and other time slots by appointment.


Eleanor Burt - Postural Alignment Therapy

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