1-2-1 Therapy (in-person or via video call)

Initial session 


The cost of your initial 1-2-1 therapy session (in-person or via FaceTime) is £75. 

After a one off session, you may decide to buy a package 1-2-1 Therapy appointments, or go down the Digital Therapy route.

A one off session grants you  access to the Members Area and email advice from Ellie for up to a month after your appointment.


Per menu


This is the lower cost alternative to 1-2-1 Therapy which does not involve advice or contact with Ellie (aside from an initial email where she summarises your postural assessment and what the aims of your menu are).


You submit a form (having completed 10 functional movement tests) and your posture photos, and Ellie will send you a menu of exercises to complete based off your results.

Just like a 1-2-1 client, the idea is that a menu will last about a month and you will look to upgrade it every month, in order to keep challenging your body to make progress.

You can buy Digital Therapy menus ad hoc.

You will gain access to the Members Area, which will help you guide yourself (independently) through the process.


The cost of hiring me for talks or workshops is £75 per hour or £500 for 8 hours.


Travel and time expenses are location dependent and on top of the hourly rate.

£75 per hour hire

£500 8hr day

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Clinic Location

Upstairs at Bevere Gallery,

Bevere Gallery. Bevere

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