Revive & Restore Course – 10 x 1hr sessions


Purchase all of Posture Ellie’s Zoom Class Recordings from the Revive & Restore Course from May – June 2021.

The bundle includes 10 Pre-Recorded Posture/Yoga Classes – over 10 hours in total.

Please read the information for this product carefully (including at the bottom of this page). No refunds will be given due to not reading the information carefully.

This is a 5 week pre-recorded course of 10 x Posture/Yoga Group Classes with Posture Ellie (from May-June 2021).

Each week of the course comprised a ‘Revive’ Class and a ‘Restore’ Class. The ‘Revive’ Classes are more upbeat and challenging and the ‘Restore’ Classes are more restorative and gentle. Each class will involve a mixture of Posture exercises and Yoga poses and will aim to tackle whole body muscular function.

Both of these types of classes are very important for your body and will give you a very different experience. The one you think you don’t need is probably the one you need to do more of. 

Despite saying the ‘Revive’ Classes are upbeat and challenging, this is more akin to a tough Pilates class than a whole body sweaty workout! Both types of classes will be suitable for most bodies.


Please read the information for this product carefully. No refunds will be given due to not reading the information carefully.

Rules of Engagement

  1. Leave your preconceived ideas and ego at the door. These classes are a time to be open minded and curious. Learn to expect the unexpected in terms of what your body can/can’t do … and be ok with that. You may be able to do far more than you expect and you may be able to do far less than you expect. Don’t judge, just accept that’s where your body is for now.
  2. Only work to a level where you are fully in control of every joint in your body, your breath and making sure you are not tense or in pain in any part of your body. The last point often is hard to admit but is imperative if you want to progress. So many people are either in denial about or have totally tuned out their low lying, constant levels of pain/tension. We need to tune back into this. Do not force your body to do anything it doesn’t want to do. Comfortable effort is extremely different to jaw clenching, breath holding, aggressive fighting against your body. Fighting through pain and tension will never get you out of pain and tension.
  3. If you want a bespoke approach to reducing your pain, please consider having 1-2-1 Postural Alignment Therapy sessions with Ellie ( or another Egoscue Therapist ( Group classes are not specifically catered towards individual bodies or bodies in pain. Do not have any expectations that these classes will rid you of your pain (as it impossible to create a group class that is suitable for everybody) BUT do have expectations that these classes will teach you more about what your body can/cannot do. This is extremely valuable information in itself. It is also highly probable that the classes will help you with understanding and helping your pain, but this is by no means a guarantee.

Please contact a medical professional before starting a new exercise regimen. It is up to you to know your body’s limits and not cause yourself pain/discomfort. 

Equipment Needed

What equipment you need overall (each class will be slightly different but will mix up the below)

  • Dress comfortably and be barefoot
  • A yoga mat worth of floor space around you
  • A Yoga Strap (a resistance band isn’t appropriate)
  • 2 x Yoga Bricks
  • A stretch of wall/doorway
  • A chair
  • 2 Rolled Up Blankets/Towels/Mckenzie Cervical Rolls
  • A Wall Drop set up
  • A Static Back set up
  • Some pillows/cushions

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