How to take 'Posture Photos'

You might have contacted me online and I asked you to send some posture photos for your free posture assessment. This is what I am after and you've got me being your lovely model for you!

Bare Foot and full length

Make sure you don't cut off your feet or your head! Being bare foot is really important as shoes hugely change how you stand.

Standing Relaxed and Naturally, arms by your sides

Try not to tense up, breathe your belly in or accidentally pose because you're having your picture taken. It affects the posture I see and what I can read from it.

Straight on from 4 angles

I need a straight on left view, right view, front view and back view. Make sure the photos aren't looking down/up at you at all.

Clothing that lets me see your joints

Ideally, I would like your photos of you in a vest top and shorts, so I can as many of your joints as possible. But do what you are comfortable with.


Eleanor Burt - Postural Alignment Therapy

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