Psoas Releases

(Some taken from Jonathan Fitzgordon's 'Psoas Release Party' E-Book)

Suggested Psoas Release Menu 

As ever, listen to your body during these exercises and do not complete any exercises which feel like they may be exacerbating any of your normal symptoms of pain. If your body is getting tighter and more irritated (in a way it regularly does) than that move is not for you right now.


This is not to say all these exercises will be perfectly comfortable - you may find strange reactions occurring like cramp, stretching, burning, twitching etc. When your Iliapsoas muscles release off and learn to move functionally, weird and wonderful things can happen. Hopefully afterwards you will walk away feeling amazing.


Listen to your body. If it feels 'right' then it probably is. If it feels 'wrong' then it probably is. Only you know how you're feeling.


Even if you don't feel much during these exercises (and they seem quite easy) they will be doing you good. In a society where everyone spends so much sat down (in hip flexion), it can never be a waste of time to stretch out (extend) and functionally exercise your hips through their range of movement.


Try and do these a couple of times a week alongside (or instead of) your regular Egoscue menu. Most can be easily performed in front of the TV.


If you are someone in a great deal of pain and most other forms of activity hurts you (but these feels good), this may be a brilliant starting point to begin unwinding your body. You may find that these are the only exercises you can do comfortably for a while and that is fine. As your pelvis neutralises and relaxes, you will find that other movements become easier and more pain free to perform.


You can pick and choose your favourites from this if you wish, but these are in this order for a reason.


I appreciate this is time consuming ... but how many hours/years have you spent in a chair winding your hips up tight? You might find it to be a worthy use of your time if you're serious about improving the function of your body and therefore reducing pain.

1. Constructive Rest Position for 15 Mins (or longer if you like!)

2. Differentiating Leg From Trunk for 5 Mins Each Leg

3. Tight Hip Release for 5 Mins Each Leg

4. Supine Groin Stretch for 15 Mins Each Leg

5. Supine Leg Raises (Head On Block), 3 x 10 Per Leg

6. Suboccipitals For 5 Mins

7. Releasing Arms From Trunk For 30 Reps

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