1hr/1.5hr Talks

Please get in touch if you think your organisation or group would benefit from an educational hour on posture and pain.

My 1hr/1.5hr 'Posture and Pain' talks are great for places where there may be limited space, limited facilities or for those wearing work clothes! 

They are the perfect educational lunch break or post sports practice team bonding.

A 1 hr/1.5hr talk with me comprises around 30/45 minutes of theory and questions and 30/45 minutes of gentle movements. People can choose to attend both sections of the session, or if they need to leave, can head off after the theory section.

I will run over some basic theory regarding what our bodies are actually designed for, why the modern environment is so out of kilt with what our body requires and I'll demystify the origin of most people's aches and pains. We will partner up and do a mini posture evaluation and then finish with a few functional movements which will help anybody who sits down too much (basically everybody!)

If you want to improve the health, wellbeing and performance of your employees or sports teams, Postural Alignment Therapy is one of the most effective way to empower and equip your staff/teammates with the knowledge they need to understand and maintain their body for the long term, manage symptoms of chronic pain (frequently caused by sedentary desk jobs and commutes) and why FUNCTIONAL movement is so crucial in improving sporting performance.

I am available for these 1hr/1.5hr talks in any capacity and at any location (though my travel time and expenses will need to be considered).

(I have a standard way I present these talks but I am also really happy to consider any format, depending on what my clients want.)



What’s Being Said

“I cannot recommend Ellie enough!

During my first session, I felt really listened to and she has so much knowledge and positivity that I felt really excited to carry on with my tailor made exercise routine at home.

That night I had the best nights’ sleep I had had in absolutely ages! I could feel the effects of the exercises immediately, and the benefits have continued as I have carried on with my routines, including a dramatic decrease in some long term pain and discomfort symptoms.

Not only is Ellie very professional but is a lovely person who has a fantastic outlook and it is a pleasure going for my appointments.

Thank you Ellie - you have given me the tools to improve how I feel! Through consistency with the exercises and your expertise I can now achieve things I couldn’t do before!”

Claire - Lower & upper back pain and spasms, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, knee pain, ankle pain and plantarfasciitis.




Eleanor Burt - Postural Alignment Therapy

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