Back Spasms, Knee Pain, Shoulder & Neck Pain

"I first heard about the Egoscue Method on Twitter.

One of the celebs I stalk, retweeted someone saying they'd avoided major back surgery by following the Egoscue Method. Having a back problem myself (as well as knee and shoulder pain), the Tweet got my attention.

I researched Egoscue and found Ellie. I followed her Instagram for a while and found myself more and more intrigued by what she posted, so I got in touch.

At my first session, Ellie put me instantly at ease and within 10 mins she'd identified that I had a tilted and elevated pelvis on one side (and some other issues but my pelvis being the main one).

A bit about my pain, as mentioned above, my back 'went' in May 2018 by doing the simple, daily move of putting my shoes on!! (Just for context at the time I was a healthy 35 year old, so putting my shoes on really shouldn't have been a problem and nor had it ever been before)! At its worst, I couldn't even stand for more than 10 seconds without being in agonising pain. I still went to work each day (I'm self employed) but I'd be crying every morning and at night, whilst in excruciating agony on the drive to and from work. When my back started recovering towards the end of last Summer, it would occasionally flare up again over the Autumn, but I also then started to get increasing amounts of pain in my left shoulder and right knee. I thought it was all just a coincidence, but Ellie explained things really logically for me to help me understand how it was all connected.

Ellie's approach is really flexible. Depending on the pain, the clients' needs etc sessions are as regular or irregular as the client wants. This has been great for me to work around my schedule. 

I've had four sessions with Ellie (one per month) and I haven't suffered any pain now for over 4 weeks. This is the longest I've gone without any pain in over a year. I'm so delighted (and shocked) by just how good I feel. What I also ought to mention is my back was so bad last year, and then my knee, that I had to stop high impact exercise completely. The movements Ellie has given me to practice have not only eradicated my pain, they have also enabled me to start my Hiit sessions again which I'm sure has contributed to how I feel, as well as contributing to my technique in Pilates too. 

Don't get me wrong, it's not been a walk in the park. Some moves have been uncomfortable (not painful), so you have to be willing to put effort in and persevere, as the benefits are unlikely to be immediate, although I know some of her clients have had noticeable results after just one session.

Ellie is straight talking, friendly, and good humoured, and what I like the most is that she holds you to account. You're not going to be given a magic pill but what you will get is empathy, top knowledge and guidance on exercises to help you realign and over time reduce / remove your pain. 

Whether it's a niggle or long term chronic pain you have nothing to lose by reaching out to Ellie. All you need is some motivation to do a bit of work and you'll be pain free too."


Shoulder, Back, Abdomen, Pelvis, Leg and Foot Pain

" I'll start this by asking myself, "how did I not find this sooner?!" 

The Egoscue Method is the most simple approach to pain management I have come across, and it is without a doubt the most effective for me.


Since my injury occurred 5 years ago, I have been through all avenues - chiropractors, osteopaths, physios, acupuncturists ... ending up with the top back & spine specialists in the Cotswolds.


Following 2 x-rays and 1 MRI scan, I was told there was nothing mechanically wrong with my back/shoulder/pelvis. Presumably this was supposed to be music to my ears as no surgery was required ... but why was I listening to this man with shooting pains through my abdomen, legs & shoulder?


I was absolutely convinced I was going to live with this pain the rest of my life and couldn't even think about starting a family.

When I first came across Ellie's Instagram - the content was very relatable and just made sense to me.

I started by attending one of Ellie's 'Introduction to PAT' workshops to see what it was all about. My pain began to subside almost immediately, so I signed up for 4 sessions.   

Ellie listened to my problems and I immediately felt a real sense of passion from her. Her approach is simple - 'cause & effect' - to look for the root cause of the pain, not focusing on 'where the pain is'. Some of which were very surprising and I had never heard before!


Ellie was very clear about our goals - she was going to teach me how to manage treatment myself through our 4 appointments, I wouldn't have to rely on multiple appointments after this.

We photographed my standing position, analysed the problems and quickly got into an exercise routine that Ellie explained very clearly - making every effort to ensure I could replicate at home without expensive equipment. After the appointment, I received an email with the same list of exercises - connected to instructional videos. I have historically found 'at home' exercise routines very complicated, time consuming and all around overwhelming. This was very different indeed. I completed the whole set of exercises in 20 minutes, which I now have perfected to an easy 15 minutes. I'm thrilled at how easily I could commit to this routine - it's all down to the simplicity of The Egoscue Method.

My pain began to subside almost immediately. I had the 'weird' feelings associated with the changes in my posture (Ellie warned me of this). But I have never experienced anything so effective with such little effort, time and funds.


I began exercising at the gym again, which would historically make me so frightened of hurting myself but now I feel reassured as any twinges of pain I feel can be quickly corrected with my short exercise routine.

As my posture was changing, sometimes new areas of fatigue or aches might appear - Ellie jumped straight on it to adjust my exercises accordingly - always giving me the power to manage the pain myself. Admittedly, sometimes I have become complacent and slipped out of my regular routines. This would normally result in me panicking and jumping to the first Chiropractor appointment available - but knowing I have the tools at my disposal is all I need to get back on track.

I am soon on my final session and couldn't be happier. Well, I say happy, I would've been much happier if I had discovered this method several years before to avoid serious anxieties and nearing £3,000+ of treatment!


I can't recommend Ellie enough - what she has given me in confidence to keep my pain under control is astonishing and I am forever grateful! "


Bulging discs in neck and daily lower back/SI joint spasms and pain

"I have had back and neck problems for many years, potentially linked to competing in the sport of Rowing for 16 years !

In the past, I have sought treatment from Physiotherapists and Chiropractors and it has been effective for short term relief. However, I have felt that I am only a short distance form another episode and had to protect and nurse my back and neck.

I now find myself in a different place having followed Ellie’s course of treatment for a few months now. It feels like my back and neck are now on a journey of long term and sustainable improvement and I now have confidence in their condition, such that the need to protect them has reduced and will potentially disappear. I enjoy going to the gym and following the routine and the visits to Ellie to update and change the protocols. I am of the opinion that regular and committed effort to follow the plan is important and that it delivers long term positive changes.

I would recommend Ellie’s intervention to anyone !!"


Lower & Upper back pain and spasms, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, knee pain, ankle pain and plantarfasciitis.

“I cannot recommend Ellie enough!

During my first session, I felt really listened to and she has so much knowledge and positivity that I felt really excited to carry on with my tailor made exercise routine at home.

That night I had the best nights’ sleep I had had in absolutely ages! I could feel the effects of the exercises immediately, and the benefits have continued as I have carried on with my routines, including a dramatic decrease in some long term pain and discomfort symptoms.

Not only is Ellie very professional but is a lovely person who has a fantastic outlook and it is a pleasure going for my appointments.

Thank you Ellie - you have given me the tools to improve how I feel! Through consistency with the exercises and your expertise I can now achieve things I couldn’t do before!”



Sciatica, Lower Back, Pelvic, Knee and Neck pain

"Ellie was recommended to me by a good friend of mine as she didn’t want to see me struggle anymore and hoped that Ellie would be the right person to support me on my road to recovery! I made my first appointment with a completely open mind and already committed to the “journey” by turning up and meeting Ellie!


She was so welcoming and considerate of how I wanted and needed to be supported and I instantly felt at ease. I am not (and never have been) a “gym bunny” or into exercise in anyway, apart from the odd bit of yoga now and then, which means I find disciplining myself very difficult.


The individual exercises Ellie has given me I have committed to doing every day (bar two) in a whole month which has totally surprised me!I actually enjoy doing them now and they just make me feel better. 


I knew I needed to make changes, as being in as much pain as I was on the daily shouldn’t be expected by anybody, at any age, let alone 34! 


Correcting your posture and doing the exercises will take effort and commitment, but it’s half an hour out of my day which is actually changing my mindset and improving  my mental and physical health. I feel lucky to have some “inside knowledge” now of how I can “fix” bad habits and to be supported by such a passionate and professional person who clearly cares for her clients. It’s not an overnight cure, but I’m enjoying the process :)


What can I say? I’m sold!!"

Eleanor Burt - Postural Alignment Therapy

Upstairs at Bevere Cafe & Gallery, WR3 7RQ.