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1-2-1 Therapy Testimonials

"I came across Ellie and The Egoscue Method while talking to a friend who rated this method of exercise very highly and I bought Pete Egoscue's book "Pain Free" to see what it was all about.

I've suffered with chronic rheumatoid arthritis since I was 14 years old, compounded by osteoarthritis in the last 20 years.   After hip replacement surgery 4 years ago, I realised that physically I was in a mess and needed more help than just stretching exercises and a monthly massage.  Anti-inflammatory medicines had been stopped by my consultant almost a year ago after severe anaemia was diagnosed and pain killers are not helping a whole lot.

My body was slowly seizing up and in constant pain and discomfort in most of my joints and sleep was elusive - making me feel worse.

Pete's method made a lot of sense so  I enrolled for some online classes with Ellie for a few weeks, and then decided I'd take the plunge and have a 1-2-1 Video Call session with Ellie. 

After sending the posture photos and short gait video as requested, we set up an appointment and, I have to admit, I was feeling quite apprehensive. I am 69 years old, much older than the clients I could see on the online classes and was worried about the level of physical fitness I am in. 

But right from the start, Ellie was so enthusiastic and friendly whilst being totally professional.  Her knowledge of the body and the way it works is incredible, and even before we started working out, I was caught up in her enthusiasm, believing I could "do this" and it would really help me ...

The session started with Ellie explaining her methods, then asking me what I really wanted from the program.

A particular problem I had was painful shoulders, which were preventing me from sleeping  for more than an hour at a time.  During the first session with Ellie, she identified the problem area that was causing this.

It was not my shoulders at all but my hip/pelvic area and, after several trial and error exercises during the video session, the pain disappeared.  I was skeptical and thought it would be back that night, but was totally amazed when I woke in the morning after 5 hours unbroken sleep for the first time in more than a year.
And this has continued ...

I follow the menu Ellie worked out for me, doing the exercises virtually every day, adding in others that she has told me would be of benefit.
Today, almost a month since the first session,  I had my second 1-2-1 Video session with Ellie after sending her a fresh set of posture photos, and was pleased to hear that my posture has changed a lot already. Apart from the odd few days when I have felt quite rough, probably a combination of working new muscle areas and arthritis flare ups, I feel much better in myself and am really enthusiastic about my next goal of walking more than 100 meters without acute pain in my back.
Ellie has taught me another exercise to do immediately when this pain begins, so I'm working on that along with a more challenging menu to continue building on corrective postural changes.

I can't recommend The Egoscue Method enough and bore my family about it's benefits and common sense approach to increasing the quality of physical health and ultimately less pain.

Ellie is the perfect person to teach this with her enthusiasm and commitment.  She is readily available on email between sessions and comes back with constructive suggestions where necessary.  Ellie's Members Area on her website has a comprehensive set of tutorial videos which are excellent in visual and verbal explanation too.
I am so looking forward to a new lease of my life now with less pain and more physical freedom.  Thank you Ellie and The Egoscue Method!"
"About 3 days after our first appointment, I walked out of my apartment and, after a while, I had to look down and check what shoes I had on since they seemed way too comfortable to be my Vivo's. I was shocked cause on my feet were my Primus Lites that felt cloud-like … like really comfortable on a Milan pavement. I was shook! 5 days on and after about 20min of walking, my pelvis starts rotating like Saturn in a horizontal circle from left to right. I had to check in a window shop that I wasn't walking like some sort of a crazy person that walks around with a hula hoop on their hips. Then, there was no more upper back stiffness after walking. The last week, I feel like my neck has got really tall and when I walk it pushes itself back. When I stop at a red light my toes somehow extend forward. It’s hilarious. A week in I had to change my pillow to a much lower pillow. I’m a side sleeper but fall asleep on my stomach with the neck tilted to the left (right side was impossible). Now I fall asleep with my neck on the right after years. The day after our session I had a scan of my neck scheduled because I had felt a lump on the right side for months after my right Eustachian tube got blocked last year. The Dr said that my lymph nodes are a bit bigger and there’s some fluid retention under my neck and that it will take up to a year to fix itself and that I should go to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. After doing the exercises this neck lump went down by 50% in the last week. I love your Big Toe exercise!!! I do it after the Wall Drop (which is weird too because I can feel some mucus release from my head down my throat each time - sorry, but I love it, I must drain my lymph nodes anyway I can!) and here the biggest change happened that I didn't expect. The first few times I worked on each foot individually since my left knee hasn't been able to bend properly in the last 20 years. A few days ago, I was able to fully balance on both feet at the same time because my ruptured ACL knee was able to bend about 15cm more than normal. Mindblown. So, then I was so shocked I tried to kneel and my knee bent so far that my left glute touched my left ankle. I never thought that would be possible in that knee!!"
"This works and has been worth every penny! I cannot believe how much better my body feels since visiting Ellie.

I have been searching for a solution to my neck, shoulder and lower back pain for the last 20 years and have tried physio, chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncture and podiatry. These have all helped for a little while, only for pain to recur or move to a new place.

Ellie is professional, knowledgable and very friendly. In my first session Ellie listened carefully to all of my aches and pains and how they impact on my daily life. She took time to show me a menu of exercises to do at home and provided a detailed plan to refer back to.

If something was too difficult or caused pain she adjusted to suit me. The exercise routines take about 20 minutes.

The results have been far better that I believed was possible. My posture looks better and my neck and shoulder pain is non existent. If there is soreness at the end of the day, I know exactly what exercises are going to relieve the discomfort.

I can stand and sit still without stiffness and back pain. I can walk up hills without getting sore hips. I will certainly be continuing the exercises.

Thank you so much Ellie!"
"I'll start this by asking myself, "how did I not find this sooner?!"

The Egoscue Method is the most simple approach to pain management I have come across, and it is without a doubt the most effective for me.

Since my injury occurred 5 years ago, I have been through all avenues - chiropractors, osteopaths, physios, acupuncturists ... ending up with the top back & spine specialists in the Cotswolds.

Following 2 x-rays and 1 MRI scan, I was told there was nothing mechanically wrong with my back/shoulder/pelvis. Presumably this was supposed to be music to my ears as no surgery was required ... but why was I listening to this man with shooting pains through my abdomen, legs & shoulder?

I was absolutely convinced I was going to live with this pain the rest of my life and couldn't even think about starting a family.

When I first came across Ellie's Instagram - the content was very relatable and just made sense to me.

I started by attending one of Ellie's 'Introduction to PAT' workshops to see what it was all about. My pain began to subside almost immediately, so I signed up for 4 sessions.

Ellie listened to my problems and I immediately felt a real sense of passion from her. Her approach is simple - 'cause & effect' - to look for the root cause of the pain, not focusing on 'where the pain is'. Some of which were very surprising and I had never heard before!

Ellie was very clear about our goals - she was going to teach me how to manage treatment myself through our 4 appointments, I wouldn't have to rely on multiple appointments after this.

We photographed my standing position, analysed the problems and quickly got into an exercise routine that Ellie explained very clearly - making every effort to ensure I could replicate at home without expensive equipment. After the appointment, I received an email with the same list of exercises - connected to instructional videos. I have historically found 'at home' exercise routines very complicated, time consuming and all around overwhelming. This was very different indeed. I completed the whole set of exercises in 20 minutes, which I now have perfected to an easy 15 minutes. I'm thrilled at how easily I could commit to this routine - it's all down to the simplicity of The Egoscue Method."

My pain began to subside almost immediately. I had the 'weird' feelings associated with the changes in my posture (Ellie warned me of this). But I have never experienced anything so effective with such little effort, time and funds.

I began exercising at the gym again, which would historically make me so frightened of hurting myself but now I feel reassured as any twinges of pain I feel can be quickly corrected with my short exercise routine.

As my posture was changing, sometimes new areas of fatigue or aches might appear - Ellie jumped straight on it to adjust my exercises accordingly - always giving me the power to manage the pain myself. Admittedly, sometimes I have become complacent and slipped out of my regular routines. This would normally result in me panicking and jumping to the first Chiropractor appointment available - but knowing I have the tools at my disposal is all I need to get back on track.

I am soon on my final session and couldn't be happier. Well, I say happy, I would've been much happier if I had discovered this method several years before to avoid serious anxieties and nearing £3,000+ of treatment!

I can't recommend Ellie enough - what she has given me in confidence to keep my pain under control is astonishing and I am forever grateful! "
"I've been suffering chronic back/hip pain for as long as I can remember and I've tried many different avenues, with no luck or lasting pain relief whatsoever.

I spent thousands over the years on different treatments and had epidural injections (which were very expensive!) that did nothing both times. They just temporarily masked the pain and didn't look at what was causing the pain - it seems a narrow minded approach now looking back.

The whole thing was very frustrating, until I stumbled on Ellie and Posture Alignment Therapy. I can't believe I never found her sooner - I would've saved thousands and never-mind the years of debilitating pain! I know where I should've initially spent my (considerably LOT less) money.

She's very enthusiastic about pain relief (lucky for me!) I can't recommend her enough, its really opened my eyes and has got me interested in the importance of posture.

I feel like I am in control of my pain now; it's loads better than it was and is getting better everyday, I'm moving, sleeping, functioning and just living a lot better."
"Ellie has done a sterling job of sorting out my long standing trapezius and lower back issues.

The other professionals I saw didn't help and the expensive private MRI scan I had couldn’t find anything wrong.

Ellie took one look and pointed out where I am wonky!

Still on the likely long road to full correction but without her I’d still be in agony most days."
"I first heard about The Egoscue Method on Twitter.

One of the celebs I stalk, retweeted someone saying they'd avoided major back surgery by following The Egoscue Method. Having a back problem myself (as well as knee and shoulder pain), the Tweet got my attention.

I researched Egoscue and found Ellie. I followed her Instagram for a while and found myself more and more intrigued by what she posted, so I got in touch.

During my first session, Ellie put me instantly at ease and, within 10 mins, she'd identified that I had a tilted and elevated pelvis on one side (and some other issues but my pelvis being the main one).

A bit about my pain, as mentioned above, my back 'went' in May 2018 by doing the simple, daily move of putting my shoes on!! (Just for context at the time I was a healthy 35 year old, so putting my shoes on really shouldn't have been a problem and nor had it ever been before)! At its worst, I couldn't even stand for more than 10 seconds without being in agonising pain. I still went to work each day (I'm self employed) but I'd be crying every morning and at night, whilst in excruciating agony on the drive to and from work. When my back started recovering towards the end of last Summer, it would occasionally flare up again over the Autumn, but I also then started to get increasing amounts of pain in my left shoulder and right knee. I thought it was all just a coincidence, but Ellie explained things really logically for me to help me understand how it was all connected.

Ellie's approach is really flexible. Depending on the pain, the clients' needs etc sessions are as regular or irregular as the client wants. This has been great for me to work around my schedule.

I've had four sessions with Ellie (one per month) and I haven't suffered any pain now for over 4 weeks. This is the longest I've gone without any pain in over a year. I'm so delighted (and shocked) by just how good I feel. What I also ought to mention is my back was so bad last year, and then my knee, that I had to stop high impact exercise completely. The movements Ellie has given me to practice have not only eradicated my pain, they have also enabled me to start my Hiit sessions again which I'm sure has contributed to how I feel, as well as contributing to my technique in Pilates too.

Don't get me wrong, it's not been a walk in the park. Some moves have been uncomfortable (not painful), so you have to be willing to put effort in and persevere, as the benefits are unlikely to be immediate, although I know some of her clients have had noticeable results after just one session.

Ellie is straight talking, friendly, and good humoured, and what I like the most is that she holds you to account. You're not going to be given a magic pill but what you will get is empathy, top knowledge and guidance on exercises to help you realign and over time reduce / remove your pain.

Whether it's a niggle or long term chronic pain you have nothing to lose by reaching out to Ellie. All you need is some motivation to do a bit of work and you'll be pain free too.
"It’s not that I couldn’t walk, but a year ago I had developed a pronounced limp, walking more than short distances had become painful and niggling pains in my hip and knee were often keeping me awake at night. Walking has always been a favourite leisure activity for me and I was loathe to accept this was the inevitable consequence of increasing age. Clearly I needed to do do something about it.

A group session with Ellie showed me that I was actually unable to stand up straight for more than 30 seconds! She also taught us a few tips on walking ‘properly’ and I immediately felt some relief when I put these into practice. Ellie seemed to have some answers so I booked some sessions.

Ellie patiently assessed the way I was standing and moving and drew up a set of exercises to start reversing many decades of bad habits. Avoidance of pain was an important factor in this, but some stretches and twinges were inevitable as muscles I didn’t know I had were coaxed into action once more. Each session involved a meticulous re-assessment and some more challenging exercises: walking became progressively more pleasurable.

Going through the exercises daily was of course tedious, but it has paid off. At a critical point in the programme I realised that if I omitted the exercises one morning, I instantly reverted to old and painful walking habits, so this was a good incentive to do them properly! Clearly they were important and working for me so I persevered.

Now, once again, I am walking with a spring in my step and enjoying long distance footpaths again.

Thank you, Ellie."
"I cannot recommend Ellie enough!

During my first session, I felt really listened to and she has so much knowledge and positivity that I felt really excited to carry on with my tailor made exercise routine at home.

That night I had the best nights’ sleep I had had in absolutely ages! I could feel the effects of the exercises immediately, and the benefits have continued as I have carried on with my routines, including a dramatic decrease in some long term pain and discomfort symptoms.

Not only is Ellie very professional but is a lovely person who has a fantastic outlook and it is a pleasure having my appointments.

Thank you Ellie - you have given me the tools to improve how I feel! Through consistency with the exercises and your expertise I can now achieve things I couldn’t do before!”
"As a client from the other side of the world (in Australia!) I have absolutely loved Ellie's sessions. She is attentive, intuitive and I really feel like she's in the room with me.

​Although we are across the globe, I've never felt anyone "get" my body like Ellie and she has been able to identify and work on complex postural issues simply by looking at me.

Ellie is so knowledgeable and brings together so many facets of postural theory and practical exercises.

Ellie's sessions have woken up muscles in me I have never used before and we are working towards completely changing my body's postural issues and learned dysfunctions.

​I am so glad I found her!"
"As you know I was really interested to hear in one of your group sessions that you could assist with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and hence drove me to the 1-2-1 with you.  You would indeed be a miracle worker of you could solve the CTS problem. The focus was to improve my posture and make me more upright.

1. I think the daytime CTS symptoms that phased in and out of the day but didn’t cause me too much discomfort (compared to night time) went immediately.

2. Within 2 weeks of your exercises there is a material, and l think long lasting, changes to my posture which my PT sessions had not been able to conquer (although there were other benefits of the PT sessions) so that is amazing and I am very grateful.

3. I think it’s too early to say definitely about the night time CTS but it definitely feels more manageable, if the symptoms are reduced as at present, then it’s liveable with (ie I would not have another steroid injection) and that is terrific.

So I conclude so far, your programme has been excellent and you have achieved results I could never had expected! In fact you are a miracle worker just for points 1 and 2."
"Having had both my hips replaced by the age of 55, my reason for becoming Ellie’s client was to discover where it had all gone wrong and hopefully get my body back onto a more functional and pain-free path.

Ellie was recommended to me by my yoga teacher + others in the class, and I have not been disappointed!

I have been continually impressed by the depth and breadth of her knowledge of the human body.

Whilst my body has presented many puzzles along the way, the journey has been great fun thanks to Ellie’s indomitable spirit of positivity and optimism!

It has not been an easy journey, there is much work to be done but Ellie makes it clear from the start that commitment to self help is fundamental and ongoing - and we’ve certainly had many laughs along the way!"
"I was very pleased with my first appointment with Ellie.  She really knows her stuff and explained exactly where there were misalignments in my body, and taught me the Egoscue remedial exercises to counter this.  She is very thorough and meticulous, and I liked the way she combined her acute observations of my body with my feedback of what I was feeling. 

I really like that she expected me to be fully involved in my healing, and I am enthusiastic about following the exercise program she has given me.  This is because I fully understand what it is doing for me, and because of some of the results I have had already.  At the end of my session I was able to get into my meditation posture with much more flexibility – one of my knees which has been off the ground for years just gently sank to the ground!  Quite remarkable. 

Since the session my irritable bladder has been much less irritable, and this will make my life much for comfortable.  I feel Ellie connects very personally with each client and really does her best to help them get the most aligned and pain free body possible.  She is a skilled, professional and caring therapist and I highly recommend her."
"I’ve had TMD/lockjaw pain for two years and, after researching Egoscue, I finally got in touch with Ellie.

My first meeting with her was in person, then 4 FaceTime sessions, all as equally valuable as the person to person.

​Ellie is ideally suited to her role as an Egoscue Therapist, she is enthusiastic, warm, knowledgable and passionate about helping people with chronic pain.

​It isn’t a walk in the park, or a quick fix, it takes time, commitment and a positive attitude. It can be an emotional rollercoaster with highs and lows but Ellie is always there every step of the way with good advice. It is important to keep communicating with her so that she can unravel the puzzle for you.

My body is stronger, my posture has improved and I have some pain free days. I know I have a long way to go, but Ellie has given me the tools to continue my progress and I know her door is always open for me.

If anyone has chronic pain all I can say is get in touch with Ellie."
"I signed up for a 1-2-1 session with Ellie after suffering pain in the right side of my upper back for years.

I had kind of accepted I would just have to live with this pain and did my best to manage the symptoms.

Ellie gave me a personalised menu of exercises that I have done each day and, in less than a week, I am pain free and feeling so much better!

She has also helped me understand how my posture has been affecting my running (I run Ultra Marathons and love Fell Running!) and, whilst it is early days, I'm already seeing improvements in pace and form!

I feel transformed, I'm sleeping better and my whole mood is just lighter."
"I’m amazed at the difference one session has improved my aches and pains.

Over the past few months I have barely been able to walk if I haven’t moved for a couple of hours and I have to get my joints into action, which entails a lot of hobbling for a couple of minutes.

This morning I got out of bed, got ready for work and walked the dog, it was only when I got into my car that I realised I had no pain! No pain = very exciting news.

A big thanks to Ellie for my exercises and highlighting my areas to focus on.

Life changing!"
"Ellie has helped unlock my body from constant, chronic pain in my shins and shoulder. I have also avoided major shoulder surgery. It's not been straightforward at all, with many highs and lows (I'm sure more to come too) but Ellie has always been generous and positive with her time, effort and responses to my many, many emails along the way. Ellie has given me tools and taught me to be more aware of my body as I continue to cultivate a pain free body into the future. I highly recommend Ellie to anyone who wants to make pain free movement part of their lifestyle."

Digital Therapy Client Testimonials

"I am so happy with my first Digital Therapy menu and am eagerly looking forward to the next one.

Ellie identified the major issue (forward pitch of my torso) and prioritized this problem in my first round of exercises.

The menu came with clear videos and written instructions for each exercise as well as some personal notes for me that addressed the specific feedback she received with my Client Intake Form.

There is also so much more than just this personalized menu. I found enormous benefit from the Members Area, which guided me through some more specific "how-to's" as well as extra videos for for the body issue (hip opening) that I was working on for those days when I had a bit more time.

​I am feeling more aligned, standing straighter, less back ache, and have much more strength in my hips in only 3 - 4 weeks. I can't recommend it enough, just a great program!"
"The whole process was easy to complete and understand.

Although it did take some time to fill out the self assessment form, I really enjoyed doing the exercises as it made me realise what I found easy and what I needed to work on.

It was a really interesting process, as I learnt a lot about my posture and how I can now make changes by doing my posture exercises on a regular basis.

All the information is very well explained, with helpful tips and videos so it makes it easy to understand and do the exercises.

​Thank you so much Ellie! I'm starting to feel a difference already."
"I can't believe how simple the process was. I really enjoyed filling out the form and taking the time to really tune into how my body was reacting to the exercises, rather than just 'pushing through' (my normal way!)

I'm feeling the benefits already but the thing I like the most is how this puts the power and onus back into my hands. I realise now that I am the one responsible for my stiff, dysfunctional body .. but that I can change it if I work hard enough!"
"I can't believe how simple the process was. I really enjoyed filling out the form and taking the time to really tune into how my body was reacting to the exercises, rather than just 'pushing through' (my normal way!)

I'm feeling the benefits already but the thing I like the most is how this puts the power and onus back into my hands. I realise now that I am the one responsible for my stiff, dysfunctional body .. but that I can change it if I work hard enough!"
I first started running back in January 2019. I have never classed myself as particularly fit so, moving into the Autumn of my years (as Frank Sinatra sings so well), it seemed a sensible approach to give me greater mobility as I age. Fast forward to the present and I've been training for the Virgin London Marathon and have gone from running 3 miles to building towards what is a daunting 26 miles (re-scheduled for October 2020). As my mileage has increased, so has the odd niggle and pain ... call it what you will.

I've read books on it, checked out YouTube, visited Sports Physiotherapists, taken up Yoga and, sadly, resorted to pain killers, all in an attempt to get some freedom.

I was settling into the belief that I'll never be pain free because my right hip always hurts and the physios weren't sure where exactly. Now my right knee hurts and, if that isn't enough, my left shoulder too.

I realise I am becoming a sceptic and starting to believe (along with other runners) that niggles and pain are just part of the runners lot ... and I guess I'll just be another one. This isn't what I intended when I started training.

So, I'm browsing Facebook a few weeks ago and I come across Posture Ellie. I was drawn to an exercise she had posted for glutes, (oh the pain in my glutes at that point!)

I was intrigued by her methods, not that I tried them there and then (sceptic in me). I did find her website and take a look, there was a lot of information and it took me time to take it all in.

I finally emailed her and she responded with some exercise ideas on her YouTube and, from this, I finally made the decision to sign up to Digital Therapy. Honestly? It was the price that hooked me. If it didn't work (and I had my suspicions that it wouldn't) it was a small price to pay - I feel guilty for even thinking that now!

For Digital Therapy there's an online assessment which you go through (which took me about an hour) and I emailed photos of myself to Ellie.

24 hours later, I was sent my Digital Therapy Menu. It's very detailed - with how many repetitions to do, how-to videos and Ellie gives you feedback of those photos and how she interprets the results of your online test.

One whole week has gone by and I have started each day with the exercises and have interlaced some maintenance runs of 3 miles every other day into my routine.

The first couple of days were spent making sure I was doing the exercises correctly, I then settled into knowing more or less what I should be doing without having to refer to the video examples all of the time.

Slowly I have started to 'feel' changes ... and importantly, improvements to my right side! Honestly, I'm almost in utter disbelief. The sceptic in me has departed, hopefully for good.

Don't get me wrong I still have niggles, but they are improving so much so that the other day (which was Day 7 of doing the exercises ) that, half-way through my run, I realised that I had not even thought about my hip pain. The reason for this was that it was gone.

I realise now that this is a Journey. I am waking up with more movement in my limbs, more flexibility and generally less discomfort in my body.

What I want is to be able to turn up on that start line for the Marathon having replaced fear with optimism, knowing that my body will not let me down.

Finding The Egoscue Method and Posture Ellie has been a Eureka Moment and I'm sure there are more to come.

100% I recommend this to you. That saying no pain no gain is now turning round in me - no pain, ALL gain."

Workshop / Corporate Client Testimonials

"I arranged for Ellie to come in to our offices and deliver a 2 part corporate session as part of our staff wellbeing programme.

The first 45 minutes were dedicated to basic postural alignment, the body’s form and function and everyday challenges that we face.

In the second session Ellie took us through some simple alignment techniques and exercises that we could all benefit from.

Throughout this process, I found Ellie to be incredibly professional and flexible. She is clearly very knowledgeable in her area and has a lovely way of delivering her message and engaging her audience.

We had such great feedback and requests for follow ups, that we have now asked Ellie to come in for one to one sessions with our staff and are looking to arrange some more group sessions in the near future."
"Eleanor was hired by the GLAMOUR team to present a 1 hr talk at our HQ, which was informative, engaging and interactive.

Many of my colleagues were fascinated to discover the causes behind their aches and pains and Eleanor's useful tips and exercises have helped alleviate their ailments.

I would highly recommend a corporate session with Eleanor and can't wait for many more in the future."
"Postural Alignment Therapy really is a life changer and I’m so glad we booked Ellie to engage with our staff here at Arena Birmingham.

Ellie’s delivery was comprehensive and inspiring.

My one to one session was a revelation and I can’t quite believe how such simple exercises have left me feeling so energised and at ease.

I have since invested in a yoga block and mat to continue with my homework and really hope we can welcome Ellie back soon.

Everyone found the day highly beneficial.

Ellie – thank you so much!"
"I did not know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised at the accessible way everything was presented. The practical exercises were brilliant.

It totally changed my perspective on how the body works. Really well researched and informative. ​ I have been telling anyone who will listen about this course, and my knee is much less painful."
"This course is a fantastic in depth overview on everything posture and movement related, whether you’re in pain, or not, curious around anatomy and physiology or just like to exercise and want to know more about how the body was designed to move this course is for you. You’ll go home with a fountain of knowledge and adaptations to support everyday normal living, pain free.

I have had treatment with Ellie already and, topping up with the course, has been fantastic bonus. I have been able to make small changes to my day to day life to help me reduce back and knee pain. I have a better awareness about my posture and it’s even carried over to my gym based workouts as well, meaning I am able to tap into muscles that were weaker and inactive before and get stronger!"
"Ellie's group course was incredible.

I've learnt so much and have started spotting alignment issues in others as well as myself.

I'm so much more conscience of making sure I move more, "if you don't use it, you'll lose it" really hit home.

I've already recommended the course to others and so much of the content made sense, it was almost as if it's all obvious, but we've been discouraged to think about it.

Mostly I loved Ellie's passion, enthusiasm and warmth. She made the classes really easy going and enjoyable... "
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