the egoscue method online

…. with my ‘Digital Therapy’ programme.


Hopefully many of you have read one of Pete Egoscue’s books, which lay out the theory behind The Egoscue Method and make a lot of sense to the people who find their way to me.


My clients who have read one of Pete’s books are often my best clients because they get it.


The books contain many different exercises to try (as per people’s posture) which can help lots of readers, without them ever seeing or speaking to a Postural Alignment Therapist / Egoscue Method Therapist.


However, there are also lots of people who find the books a little overwhelming and who get a bit muddled as to what is going on with their body, their posture and therefore which exercises are best suited to them.


My Digital Therapy programme is here to take away any element of confusion.


I want you to fully understand your individual body, give you a bespoke programme of exercises to complete in your spare time and guide you in how to complete your bespoke programme of exercises, which will help you improve your particular symptoms of pain – without you ever speaking to me!


how does it work? how can it be bespoke if you don't talk to me?

Once you have signed up to receive your ‘menu’ of exercises, you will be taken to a landing page with a ‘Movement Self Assessment’ form to complete.


Within the form, I ask you questions about your mobility levels, symptoms of pain and what you want to achieve. Also, within the form are 10 videos of simple exercises to try at home which serve as your ‘Movement Self Assessment’ and give me the info I need to help you.

You don’t need to think too much – just do the exercises, the form then asks you multiple choice questions about how you found completing the exercises. Your answers are very telling as to what is going on with your body but you don’t need to worry about deciphering the signals, as I will do that for you.


Once you have completed the form, you will then need to email me your four ‘posture photos’ which give me a visual idea as to what might be going on with your muscles.


Then, that’s your work done for now.


I will process the results of your Movement Self Assessment Form and your photos, and then I’ll send you a bespoke ‘menu’ of exercises to complete from The Egoscue Method software.


You’ll have told me how long you have to spare to complete your exercises at home so I can cater the length of time to suit you. Minimum would be a 15 minute menu of exercises to commit to doing about 4 times a week.


what happens next?

You’ll receive your menu of exercises I have created for you off the back of your posture photos and the results you reported back from the Movement Self Assessment.


The Egoscue Software is easy to use and really smart – there’s a free app as well so you can complete your exercises from your smartphone (or print them/view them via email).


You’ll have your exercises laid out in the order you need to do them in.


And if you click on the exercises, you’ll get written, picture and video instructions of how to do them.


You’ll be able to see what it is I am looking at from your posture photos too – I will have turned you into a stickman!


As well as the support provided from The Egoscue Method software, you’ll also be able to subcribe to my YouTube channel where I have done video walkthroughs of many of the exercises (and am continually adding to!)

And you’ll also have access to my Member’s Area which is accessed through the top right hand corner of my website and contains more video content to help you get the most out of doing your exercises.


I’ll show you the way in which your body might be trying to compensate during the exercises ….


And there’s a Psoas Release section to help ease off tight hips!

(And I will be continually adding to this as time goes by! I have lots of ideas!)


You’ll also have access to my private “Posture Ellie Client Group” on Facebook so you can ask questions of me and other clients.


how often do i need to change my menu?

Hopefully, after 3/4 weeks’ of doing your exercises you’ll notice they become easier, some of your pain reduces and you might notice your progress plateau, or that you have some new aches and pains as the old ones shift. I promise this is good, but we need to update the menu to cater to your changing body.


Just like a fitness programme, we need to make sure we continue to challenge your body to make sure it keeps improving and building strength.


A menu update every month will serve you well in making sure you are continuing to challenge your body.


To get a menu upgrade, you go through the same process again.


Pay your money, go to the Landing Page, do the ‘Movement Self Assessment’ (and note any changes!) and then send me more photos … and I will send you an updated menu.

can i see you 1-2-1 too?

The idea of the Digital Therapy is to make The Egoscue Method more accessible, flexible and not so dependant on seeing a therapist (you can get really good results on your own as long as you listen to what your body does/doesn’t like!)


I welcome anyone to have a 1-2-1 Appointment with me to see if The Egoscue Method makes sense to them but, after an initial appointment, I sell upfront packages of appointments. I don’t work ad hoc or pay as you go with my 1-2-1 clients.


I wanted to add my Digital Therapy option to make working with me more affordable and flexible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see me 1-2-1 as well.


You might decide to see me for a 1-2-1 Appointment first (in-person or via FaceTime) and then continue solely via Digital Therapy.


You might buy a Digital Therapy menu and decide you need a 1-2-1 Appointment the following month to make a bit more sense of things. After your 1-2-1, you might be happy to continue with Digital Therapy.


My previous 1-2-1 clients who feel that they have a grip on their pain and their body now, but want to shake things up a little and have a new challenge might also buy a Digital Therapy Menu a few months after they stop seeing me in person.


You might just do start straight off with Digital Therapy, find it straightforward and continue working via Digital Therapy – lots of people are doing this already and reaping the rewards!

members area

You might be interested in purchasing access to my Members’ Area if you’re working with another Egoscue Method therapist, are a training Egoscue Method therapist yourself or have read one of Pete Egoscue’s books and are happy with the effects of the exercises you’ve found in there (so don’t need a bespoke menu).


Access to the Members Area gets you all the same helpful video content as my 1-2-1 and Digital Clients, but without the personalised menu bespoke to your posture or access to the ‘Posture Ellie Client’ Facebook Group.