what is postural alignment therapy and why is 'good posture' so important?

Postural Alignment Therapy is also known as ‘The Egoscue Method’ and it’s my full time job to spread the word about how amazing it is!


The results my clients get in reducing their pain, feeling in control of their body and improving their sporting performance honestly boggles MY mind sometimes … and I am the one doing it day in and day out!


I have the full, whole-hearted belief that Postural Alignment Therapy can help with almost any symptom of chronic musculoskeletal pain (regardless of where it is, how long you’ve had it, what it’s called etc etc) and is the best way to adjust and permanently fix your posture.


It does take hard work and commitment BUT, all things considered, not that much hard work when you know what a benefit it’ll bring to your life, enjoyment of sports and hobbies and, most importantly, moving pain free.


Waking up dysfunctional/sleeping muscles has a very powerful effect. Problems can arise when people try to do this unassisted and end up causing themselves more pain and problems. Movement isn’t the issue, the WAY you’re moving is the issue if moving causes you pain.


I help solve this riddle for you. I teach you the order to get things waking up, at a pace your body can manage.


I made these two videos below hoping they would offer further insight as to what I am all about and why functional alignment/good posture is so important.


You CAN permanently fix your posture, but you just need to know what to do.


Watch these two videos and, if you’re interested in getting to the root cause of your pain, maybe have a look at working with me 121 via FaceTime or in-person in my clinic in Worcester, UK.


why is functional alignment so important?

what is postural alignment therapy? aka the egoscue method?

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