why I cant comment on your symptoms without assessing your body first

Because your symptoms don’t tell me anything useful.


Your symptoms indicate wear and tear/overload. They do not indicate the WHY of why that might be happening to you.


I deal with the WHYS and not the WHATS of pain. Respectfully, I don’t care WHAT pain you have, I care WHY it is occurring. By figuring out the WHY you can reduce pain for the long term. If you only focus on the WHAT (at best) you’ll have a short term reduction of your symptoms, before it shows up again/in a slightly different way.


I get asked a lot ‘what is the best move/class for x pain?’ and the answer is … I don’t know!


Without assessing your body during movement, figuring out which bits don’t work, figuring out which bits are overworking etc .. it’s literally impossible to comment. Two people side by side could have identical symptoms caused by completely different things going wrong. I don’t treat symptoms (Plantarfasciitis, Piriformis Syndrome, Frozen Shoulder, Herniated Discs .. whatever symptom you have), I treat your posture.


Why is the knee collapsing in? Why can’t the ankle bend? Why is the person twisting forwards in the thoracic spine? Symptoms go down when the function of the joints in the body improves.


My only recommendation (without assessing you) can only be TO EXPLORE. You need to figure out what your body likes and doesn’t like. Do more of what it likes (and makes pain go down) and do less of what it doesn’t like! As your body adapts and changes, it should be that you should be able to return to attempting exercises which may have previously hurt.


I hope this video is helpful and goes some way as to explaining why it is literally impossible to comment without knowing more about your body.

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